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Elections allow every student to play a role in choosing the leadership of the Student Government Association. Class Officers are elected during the fall semester. The Student Body President and Vice-President are elected during the spring semester. Election rules and procedures are the constitutional responsibility of the Chief Justice, who is tasked with ensuring a fair and impartial election for all candidates.

Student Body Elections

Student Body Elections are held near the end of each spring semester. Specific election information including candidate profiles will be provided on this page and SGA's social media as available.

The student body campaign application can be found here in early January.
The election rules are here.

Spring 2019 Student Body Election Dates

Application Open: Monday, January 7th
Application Deadline: Friday, March 8th, 5pm
Candidate Orientation: Wednesday, March 20th, 7pm
Election Week: Monday, April 15th - Wednesday, April 17th
Debate: Tuesday, April 16th, 7pm
Election Day: Wednesday, April 17th, 12 AM - 5 PM
Announcement of Results: Wednesday, April 17th, 6pm
Inauguration: Thursday, April 25nd, 7pm


Class Officer Elections

Class Officer Elections are held in late September. Specific election information including candidate profiles will be provided on this page and SGA's social media as available.

The class officer campaign application can be found here Summer 2019.
Election rules are here.

Fall 2019 Class Officer Election Dates

Application Open: Summer 2019
Application Deadline: Wednesday, August 28, 5pm
Candidate Orientation: Thursday, August 29th, 7pm
Election Week: Tuesday, September 10th - Wednesday, September 11th
Class Officer Mixer: Tuesday, September 10th, 7pm
Election Day: Wednesday, September 11th, 12am-5pm
Announcement of Results: Wednesday, September 11th, 6pm
Inauguration: Monday, September 16th, 7pm

Election Rules and Procedures

Election rules and procedures are the constitutional responsibility of the Election Commissioner, assisted by the Election Committee. The election rules and procedures document is available here, but is subject to change. The election rules for each election will be final as of the end of the Candidate Orientation for that election.

Election Committee

The Election Committee consists of the Chief Justice, Student Body President, Student Body Vice-President, Speaker of the House of Delegates, and the pro tempore of the Senate. The Comittee serves as an advisory board to the Election Commissioner in revising and updating the Election Rules. As the impartial, unbiased party, the Election Commissioner has full authority over any rule change decisions, though he or she may defer to a vote or delegate power in another way.

Election Board

The Election Board consists of the Election Commissioner and four undergraduate students who do not currently have another position within SGA. The Election Board is tasked with implementing and enforcing the Election Rules. Members of the Election Board are nominated by the Election Commissioner and confirmed by the Election Committee.

If you are interested in serving on the Election Board or have any additional questions re: elections, please contact Luke Broadway, the Election Commissioner.

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