Office of Clubs Administration


The Office of Clubs Administration is made up of the Director of Clubs, the Deputy Director of Clubs, and three Club Coordinators. The Club Coordinators act as direct representatives of the Clubs Department to the clubs and student organizations of Liberty University. They serve to increase the effectiveness of the Department’s communication between clubs and Administration. Each Coordinator is assigned a specific number of University clubs to represent to the Director of Clubs. Coordinators assist their clubs in coordinating events, reserving event space on campus, and utilizing University resources to their fullest potential. Additionally, Club Coordinators communicate with Account Managers, the representatives of the Treasury Department, to ensure that all clubs are serviced to the fullest extent of every club’s needs. Stemming from SGA’s over-arching purpose of representing students and serving clubs, the mission of this specific department is to ensure that the administrative needs of all University clubs are met promptly and efficiently. 

Meet the Team

Team Leaders

Jenna ParisenDirector of Clubs


Trae DunnTreasurer


Club Coordinators & Account Managers

Clubs A-G

Mary-Michal Linch - Clubs Coordinator

Hi, I'm Mary-Michal. I am a Sophomore at Liberty studying  Psychology. I hope to be  a counselor for adopted children. I love working with SGA because it allows me to interact with more students and professors! 

Sara Beth Ruppard Account Manager

Hi, I'm Sara Beth and I am a Junior Accounting major with a Finance cognate.  This is my first year with SGA, and I am looking forward to serving the clubs as Account Manager and building many new relationships.

Clubs H-N

Sara ToddClubs Coordinator

I am Sara Todd and I’m a sophomore at Liberty University. I am studying Social Sciences with a Teacher Licensure in hopes of becoming a high school history teacher. I am honored to serve in Student Government and to be a part of growth at LU, specifically in the Clubs Department! 

Chris RaganAccount Manager

Hi, I'm Chris Ragan and I am a double major in Finance and Economics here at Liberty.  I love serving SGA because the clubs here help connect people who share the same interests.

Clubs O-Z

Trey Underwood Clubs Coordinator

My name is Trey Underwood, and I am currently pursuing a degree in Chemistry. This is my second year serving within SGA as the Director of Internal Affairs. I am passionate about ensuring efficiency through communication between the three branches of SGA. Also, I will be serving as a Club Coordinator this semester to create a positive experience for students involved in clubs.


Megan Dole - Account Manager

My name is Megan Dole and I am a Junior Accounting and Finance double major, with the intentions of getting my CPA after graduation. I am passionate about SGA and the work that they are doing to connect the student body with administration, and I am looking forward to partnering with clubs as an account manager. 



Emily Bledsoe - Deputy Director of Clubs

My name is Emily Bledsoe and I am a junior pursuing a degree in Project Management. I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve the student body through the Executive Branch. I love SGA and I love this University, and I’m passionate about doing what I can for the amazing student body that Liberty has.



More Information

For a comprehensive list of all Liberty’s clubs and additional club forms, please visit the Clubs and Student Organizations page.