DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST)


The below chart refers to the DSST examinations and test scores that are accepted by Liberty University Online. At this time, residential degree programs are not eligible for transfer credit from DSST examinations.

Dantes (DSST) Examination

Liberty University Course Equivalency

Credit Hours

Minimum Required Score

A History of the Vietnam War HIWD 1XX History Elective 3 400
Art of the Western World ARTS 105 Art Appreciation 3 400
Astronomy PHSC 121 Astronomy 3 400
Business Ethics and Society BUSI 1XX Business Elective 3 400
Business Law II BUSI 301 Business Law 3 52
Business Mathematics BUSI 1XX Business Elective 3 48 or 400
Criminal Justice CJUS 200 Intro to Criminal Justice 3 or 6* 400
Computing and Information Technology INFT 1XX Information Technology Elective 3 46 or 400
Environmental Science ENVR 215 Principles of Environmental Science 3 400
Ethics in America PHIL 1XX Philosophy Elective 3 400
Foundations of Education EDUC 200 Foundations of Education 3 400
Fundamentals of College Algebra MATH 121 College Algebra 3 400
Fundamentals of Counseling PSYC 1XX Psychology Elective 3 400
Fundamentals of Cyber Security CSIS 3XX Computer Science Elective 3 400
General Anthropology GLST 290 Cultural Anthropology 3 47 or 400
Health and Human Development HLTH 1XX Health Elective 3 400
History of the Soviet Union HIWD 3XX World History Elective 3 400
Human Resource Management BUSI 342 Human Resource Management 3 46
Human Cultural/ Geography GEOG 1XX Geography Elective 3 400
Introduction to Business BUSI 101 Introduction to Business 3 400
Introduction to Law Enforcement CJUS 3XX Criminal Justice Elective 3 45 or 400
Introduction to World Religions ANTH 203 Introduction to World Religions 3 400
Lifespan Development Psychology PSYC 210 Developmental Psychology 3 46 or 400
Management Information Systems CSIS 1XX Computer Science Information Systems Elective 3 400
Money and Banking BUSI 321 Money and the Financial System 3 48 or 400
Math for Liberal Arts MATH 115 Mathematics for Liberal Arts 3 400
Principles of Advanced English Composition ENGL 1XX English Elective 3 400
Organizational Behavior BUSI 240 Organizational Behavior I 3 400
Personal Finance BUSI 223 Personal Finance 3 400
Principles of Finance BUSI 320 Corporate Finance 3 46 or 400
Principles of Physical Science I PHSC 102 Elements of Physical Science 3 400
Principles of Public Speaking SCOM 1XX Speech Communication Elective 3 400
Principles of Statistics MATH 201 Probability and Statistics 3 400
Principles of Supervision BUSI 1XX Business Elective 3 46 or 400
Substance Abuse HLTH 3XX Health Elective 3 400
Technical Writing ENGL 1XX English Elective 3 400
The Civil War and Reconstruction HIUS 420 Civil War and Reconstruction 3 47 or 400


*Credit varies by specific exam taken.  A combination of CJUS 200 and CJUS 2XX may be awarded.


To see how these courses will fit into your degree plan please consult the following:

General Electives for Residential Undergraduate Students

General Electives for Online Undergraduate Students

Degree Completion Plan Audit in ASIST

Academic Evaluator (contact registrar@liberty.edu)


1XX courses are lower level electives in the disciple listed

3XX courses are upper level electives in the disciple listed

Some exams listed are no longer offered.  Please refer to the DSST website for current offerings.