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Meet Your LU Shepherd

Doug Damon

Commons 001 – 002

Hometown: Mt. Morris, MI

Interests: Family, Grilling, Sports, Coaching


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Chrissie Hastoglis

Commons 001

Commons 003 (G-2)

Hometown: Springfield, VA

Interests: Family, Cooking, Reading, Running/Exercise


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Steven Thomas

Commons 003, The Hill, East 175 & 176

Hometown: Columbus, GA

Interests: Eating, Sports, Watching Documentaries


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Megan McCorkle

Commons 002

Commons 003 (3-5)

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Interests: Running, Hiking with husband, Family, Traveling


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Patrick Campbell

East Campus

Hometown: Palmdale, CA

Interests: Basketball, Music, Anything Creative, OT Prophecy and Revelations


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Angie Grafman

East Campus

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Interests: Traveling, Cooking, Fellowship


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John Newsome

Square (E145 & 146), Circle (M25 & 26), Quads (M31 & 32)

Hometown: Muscle Shoals, AL

Interests: Family, Music, Sports, Working out


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Jordan Justice

Square (E142 & 143), Circle (M27 & 28), Quads (M29 & 30)

Hometown: Charlotte, NC 
Interests: Family, Friends, Movies, Shoes 

Leah Summers

The Hill

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Interests: Family, Friends, Beach, Coffee, “Hygee”


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Courtney Smith

South Tower, E180 & 181

Hometown: Flint, MI

Interests: Music, Writing, Reading, Volleyball (beach or indoor)


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Rob Penha


Campus Mobilizer

Hometown: Brazil (Boca Raton, FL USA)

Interests: Reading, Soccer, Music, People


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