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Shanna AkersShanna Akers, Ed.D., MSN/MBA-HC, RN, CNE
Dean, School of Nursing

Tara Miller

Director of Operations
(434) 592-5894


Lisa Altizer

Faculty Support Coordinator
(434) 592-3819

Alex Boggs
Faculty Support Coordinator
(434) 582-7877

Amber BruffyAmber Bruffy
DNP Simulation Center Director
(434) 592-5407

Shannon Carroll
Administrative Assistant
(434) 582-2519

Brian Cody
CAD Program Editor
(434) 592-6759

Mary DowellMary Dowell
Undergraduate Simulation Center Director
(434) 592-5395

John East
Online Student Liaison
(434) 592-6505

Jessica Elliott
Professional Advisor
(434) 592-3852

Jon Gilbert

Online Student Liaison
(434) 592-3964

Jinny Laughlin
BSN Practicum Coordinator
(434) 582-2114

Shirley Lee
DNP Student Coordinator – BSN Clinical Coordinator
(434) 582-2507

Martha Magee
Professional Advisor
(434) 592-4358

Liz Pino
Project Coordinator
(434) 592-6799

Faith Sterling
Practicum and Clinical Coordinator

(434) 592-5479

Cindy Wright
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
(434) 582-2537

Tara Smith
Undergraduate Simulation Center Coordinator
(434) 582-2546

Teaching Assistants

Liz Breton
Teaching Assistant

Elisabeth Campbell
Teaching Assistant

Lauren Paulson
Teaching Assistant

Samantha Wilkins-Copeland
Teaching Assistant

Allison Mills
Teaching Assistant
Meredith Parnell
Teaching Assistant

Christina Minotti
Teaching Assistant