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Psychology Internship

COVID-19 Update

In light of many COVID-19 related site closures and quarantine restrictions, the Psychology Department has approved the course substitution of PSYC 497 Special Topics in Psychology to take the place of PSYC 499 for the upcoming semester.

If you meet the requirements to be registered for PSYC 499 (see below), you may register for PSYC 497 to meet your PSYC 499 DCP requirement. You may request approval to register for PSYC 497 through the Course Registration tool. If you are able to secure an internship site and wish to apply for PSYC 499 please follow the instructions for submission below.

PSYC 499 requirements:

  • 2.0+ overall GPA
  • Junior or Senior status,
  • 18 credits of PSYC or PSYC-related coursework successfully completed (includes CCOU, MILT, LIFC, CRIS, SOCI, and COUN courses)

If you have any questions about this course substitution please contact the internship team with any questions: PSYC499intern@liberty.edu

An understanding of the behavior and learning potential of clients who are different can be an effective tool for intrapersonal and interpersonal Christian growth. The PSYC 499 Internship is required by all students pursuing their B.S. in Psychology or B.S. in Human Services. The internship provides experience, awareness of professional responsibilities and skills, and develops a synthesis of human behavior patterns.

PSYC 499 is designed to provide direct experience in helping persons with special needs, to enhance awareness of the responsibilities and skills needed for professional employment in the psychological services, and to acquire a synthesis of human development in spiritual, social, emotional, and cognitive behavior patterns. The primary focus will be directed towards observation and acquisition of skills necessary for helping special populations.

Instructions for Submission
Application Deadlines
Course Documents (Frequently Asked Questions, Course Syllabus, and Course Schedule)
Tips for Internship
Suggested Sites
Study Abroad
Suggested Duties for Internship
Post-Submission Information


These must be met prior to submitting an application.

  • 2.0+ overall GPA
  • Junior or Senior status
  • 18 credits of PSYC or PSYC-related coursework successfully completed (includes CCOU, MILT, LIFC, CRIS, SOCI, and COUN courses)
  • Suitable internship site
    • Note: At least 70% of hours in direct observation of the special population the site services with a maximum of 30% of hours in administrative duties. 

Instructions for Submission

  • Select a site and site supervisor that you will submit as part of the application. Ask your potential supervisor to send you an email indicating that he or she is willing to supervise your internship. Once you receive this email, please save it as a Word or PDF document to submit as part of the application process.
  • Complete the Online Application using your Liberty username and password. Please be sure to use Firefox as your web browser when accessing the application. Please attach the email from your supervisor as a Word or PDF document. Include the header information.
  • Request approval for this course. Once you have received an approval email from the Psychology Department, you will need to request approval for this course in the Course Registration tool. Once logged in, you will select the term (ex. Fall semester), enter the course information (ex. 499), and select search. For PSYC 499, you will need to enter the correct credit amount that you selected on your internship application. You will then click on the course, click course restrictions, upload a copy of the approval letter you received from the psychology department to this course registration application, and click request approval. Once you submit the request form, it will be sent to the department for review. We recommend monitoring your account for updates.
  • Complete the Assessment of Psychology Learning (APL). Once you have submitted your application successfully, you will receive an email notifying you of your successful submission and providing instructions for completing the APL. The APL is an assessment tool which must be completed by all students applying for the internship course. It is not necessary to study as this is an assessment of learning and not a test.
  • Submit a copy of the acceptance email that you receive. You will need to submit this document as an assignment in Module 1 of your internship. You will not be able to receive a duplicate copy of this email.

Application Deadlines

The deadlines for applications for upcoming internships are:

  • Spring 2021: November 13, 2020
  • Summer 2021: April 2, 2021
  • Fall 2021: July 9, 2021

Note: Applications will not be reviewed until registration opens for the semester in which you are applying. Online registration dates and deadlines can be found by visiting the Liberty University Online Academic Calendar.

Course Documents

Tips for Internship

  • Liberty does not place students in internship sites. Finding a placement is the student’s responsibility.
  • PSYC 499 & HESR 499 are A term courses lasting 16 weeks in the fall/spring terms, and 14-15 weeks in the summer term.
  • Local community service boards or mental health agencies often have information about opportunities.
  • Ask to volunteer or work instead of asking for an internship.
  • Visit the agency in person with your resume and syllabus to review the course objectives.
  • All students are required to earn a minimum 3 credit 125-hour internship. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions for more information about credits and hours.
  • Due to the non-clinical nature of the internship experience, affiliation agreements should not be necessary between the internship site and Liberty University; however, if a site that you have located requires an affiliation agreement to be in place then email psyc499intern@liberty.edu with the following contact information:
    • Site name
    • Site supervisor name
    • Site supervisor email
    • Site supervisor phone number
  • Review the following Internship PowerPoint, which includes information regarding the internship.

Suggested Sites

Examples of Approved Sites

Examples of Sites that would Not be Approved

  • Informal babysitting/nannying positions
  • Secretary/administrative work
  • Retail sales associate
  • Prior experiences (all hours must be completed with the semester dates as a site)
  • Crisis texting lines
  • Suicide Prevention Hotlines (your experience must be in person)

Study Abroad

The Department of Psychology takes several trips throughout the year. These can be used to fulfill the internship requirements or other course requirements. These trips provide an opportunity for students to gain valuable understanding of cultural dynamics within the discipline while studying particular topics.

Suggested Duties for Internship

Duties for Site

  • Provide facilities suitable for fulfillment of the internship course objectives for the Observational/Occupational Experience
  • Orient Students to the Facility and provide information regarding the Facility’s rules, regulations, policies, and procedures
  • Provide an opportunity for the student to observe the behavior of individuals/clients at the site
  • Provide supervision
  • Complete a midterm and final evaluation based on the student’s performance

Duties for Intern

  • Observe the behavior of individuals/clients at the site for the required total number of hours during the semester dates
  • Perform duties that are related to the student’s program (i.e., Crisis Counseling) at the site
  • Other duties could vary based on the needs of the site.

Post-Submission Information

You will receive an email confirmation when you successfully submit your application. Keep this for your records and to submit it in Module 1. You will receive a link to the Assessment of Psychology Learning (APL). Complete this assessment within one week of your application submission. If additional information is required, then you will receive an email requesting this. Please complete additional requirements within 48 hours of receipt of the email request.

You will receive an email when your application is processed (accepted or declined). If accepted to the internship, then you will be automatically registered for the class (you will not be able to register yourself for the course). Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. Please continue to check your Liberty email regularly for updates regarding your application. Keep in mind, the internship course is a full semester course (A-term). There are no 8-week (B-term, C-term, or D-term) options for the internship course.

No late paperwork will be accepted. Additionally, all applications must be submitted online through the internship application portal. No applications are accepted through mail, fax, or email. Students who miss the deadline must wait until the next available semester to apply. The Student Internship Application is the contract between the student, the internship site supervisor, and Liberty University. Any changes to your internship plan must be approved in writing by you, your site supervisor and Liberty University.

Although there may be additional information about PSYC 499 available from other sources, the information on this webpage is the most accurate and up-to-date and should override all other sources in case of a discrepancy.