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Campus Pastors Office


Welcome to the Campus Pastors Office! Whether you're encountering a difficult situation, an immediate crisis, or have a spiritual need, we're available to help. Our staff includes ordained pastors and life skills coordinators. Our services include pastoral guidance, life skills development, mentoring, immediate need assistance, parent support, chaplaincy services, and a prayer center. Call (434) 592-5411 to schedule an appointment.


Weekly Events


  • Ladies Lust Free Living - Starting 9/21/14-11/16/14

        Demoss Hall 1090

        6:30 - 8:00 pm                                                                                                

        Emily Woody & Dorian Watson

        Contact Emily Woody or Dorian Watson  or for more information


  • Lust Free Living Regular (for men) - 9/1/14-12/1/14

        DeMoss 4059

        6:30 - 7:45 pm                                                                                                

        Pastor Dane Emerick

        Contact Dane Emerick for more information


  • Lust Free Living: Advanced (for men) - 9/2/2014-12/2/2014

        DeMoss 4059

        6:30- 7:45 pm

        Pastor Dane Emerick

       Contact Dane Emerick for more information


  • Relationships

        DeMoss 3025


        9/2/14 Relationship with God; Pastor Tim Voogd

        9/23/14 Relationships with Friends; Life Skills Coordinator Dorian Watson

        10/28/14 Relationships with Family; Pastor Mike Mullins

        11/4/14 Relationships(Romantic); Pastor Tim Griffin


        Email for more information

        *This is a coed group.*



  • 1st and 10 with Him (Co-ed) - Begins 8/20/2014

    Green Hall 1954

    4 - 5:00 pm

       Pastor Frank Hickson

       Contact Frank Hickson for more information.

  • Celebrating Marriage (Premarital Counseling) - 10/1/2014-11/19/2014

    Location: TBD

    6:15 - 7:15 pm

       Pastor Dane Emerick

      Contact Dane Emerick for more information.

  • Young Man Rumble (for men) - 9/3/2014-11/26/2014

    Green Hall 1887

    9:15 - 10:15 pm

       Humble Tip & Pastor Tim Griffin=

        Contact Tim Griffin for more information.


  • Lust Free Living 101 (for men) - 9/4/2014-12/4/2014

    DeMoss 4059

    6:30 - 7:45 pm                                                                                                

    Pastor Dane Emerick

        Contact Dane Emerick for more information    

       *This group covers the same material as the Monday Night Group*                        

  • Armor Bearers (for men) - Begins 9/4/2014

    Contact Dane Emerick for more information

  • Process of Godliness (for women) - 9/4/2014-11/20/2014

        This group is a Bible Study in 2 Peter

         Location: TBD


      Contact Emily Woody for more information

  • Thriving at College (Co-ed); 9/4/2014-11/13/2014

        The Ten Most Common Mistakes that College Students Make & How to Aviod   Them!

        DeMoss 3041

        3:30 - 5:00 pm

        Contact Mike Mullins for more information




Prayer Requests

Email your prayer requests to

Contact Us

Phone (434) 592-5411
Fax (434) 582-3857
Location Location: Green Hall, Room 1830

Related Offices

  • New Believer Workshop (Co-ed); 8/23/2014 or 11/8/2014

     Have you recently become a Christian? You are invited to join the Campus Pastors

    Office at a New Believer Worshops. Come and learn the tools you will need to thrive

     in your new life in Christ.

      Greenhall 1887


      Email for more information