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LU Shepherd

LU Shepherd

Campus Community

Wednesdays at 7:30 in the Vines Center
Campus Community is a weekly gathering of college students who have a passion for the Lord. With various speakers, a Word-centered environment, and heart pounding, powerful worship, Campus Community is something you won't want to miss. 

After each Campus Community service Liberty University Student meet with their resident Shepherd for Community Groups. 

Community Groups 

Community Groups are held weekly offering residential students a small group setting on the residence halls. Group time allows students to cultivate meaningful relationships and promotes personal spiritual growth through Bible study, prayer, confession and repentance, and service.

Ministry Groups

Ministry groups, aim to help students develop their relationship with Christ on a deeper level through group discussions with a topical focus.

Pastoral Counseling

The Staff of LU Shepherd seek to be actively involved in the lives of the students of Liberty University. While they counsel students in office, they are also mobile and meet with students in a variety of public settings.


Contact to share your prayer requests.


LU Shepherd provides chaplaincy services to students who have been hospitalized, support to parents of Liberty Students, sports chaplaincy, and premarital counseling and wedding services.