Richard Bland College Course Equivalency Guide

2015-2016 Richard Bland College


This equivalency guide contains courses offered by Richard Bland College (RBC) and the equivalent courses offered at Liberty University. This guide includes courses from the RBC and Liberty University catalogs.

If you would like to request pre-approval for a course which is not present in this transfer guide, please submit a transient request.


How Courses are Listed

  1. Direct Equivalent – the listed RBC course has a corresponding course at Liberty University and satisfies that specific course requirement.

  2. Elective - RBC course does not have a corresponding course at Liberty University. You should check with your department to verify if elective credits can be used in your major. Do NOT assume that “elective” credits can count toward the “electives” required in your major.

Transfer Policy

We accept courses that are comparable to the courses taught in our curriculum that are completed with a grade of “C” or higher. Liberty does not accept remedial courses (usually below 100 level) or those courses that are on the Pass/Fail scale. We also do not accept Professional Development, Orientation/Student Success courses, Special Topics, Seminars, or Internships. Please direct any questions about a particular course to the Registrar’s Office.

If direct transfer credit has been previously awarded, Liberty University is not able to award duplicate direct transfer credit. Any duplicate direct transfer credit will instead be awarded elective credit, with the exception of sports activity courses and private lesson music courses.


Class Rank

Students are considered to be in a class according to the number of credit hours they have transferred:
Class Semester Hours
Freshman 0 – 23.99
Sophomore 24 – 47.99
Junior 48 – 71.99
Senior 72 +

Special Note

Certain courses may be included into specific degree plans per Liberty University faculty recommendation. Any questions concerning electives within the major should be addressed to the Liberty University faculty advisor assigned to the student.

Transfer Credit Limits

Associate degree – A minimum of 15.0 hours must be taken through Liberty University
Bachelor's degree – A minimum of 30.0 hours and 50% of the coursework required for the major content area must be taken through Liberty University.