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Course Substitution

A student uses a course substitution form  or Fillable Course Subsitution form if he or she wishes to subsitute/replace a required course under the student's major or minor. The student will need to seek the signature of the department chairperson of the program.

Submit hard copy to:   Registrar’s Office 

(ONLY - Faculty may email form to:

Guidelines for Course Substitutions - How a course substitution works.

Instructions for Course Substitutions - How to submit a course substitution.

Approvals Needed for Course Substitutions - Finding the correct department chairperson.

Guidelines for Course Substitutions

  1. A Course Substitution Form or Fillable Course Subsitution formmay be used when a student wishes to substitute/replace a required course under the student’s major/minor. The student will need to seek the signature of the department chairperson of the program.
  2. For courses within the General Education Core (associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs) the student must seek the approval of the Dean of the College of General Studies.

  3. The approved substitution course will apply toward the degree requirement, but the course number stays the same on the transcript.

  4. Hours for a lower-level course which was approved to substitute for an upper-level course do not count toward the total upper-level credits required.

  5. The same course may be approved to substitute for both a General Education and a Directed Course requirement as long as it has the approval of both the Dean of the College of General Studies and the department chairperson of the major, respectively.

  6. A course may be used to substitute a required course in more than one major/minor as long as the student has the approval of the appropriate department chairperson.

  7. The credit of the course being used to substitute the required course must meet the 2/3-minimum credit requirement for the required course.

Instructions for Course Substitutions

  • Declare your desired major/minor. Make certain that the program indicated on your request form matches what is indicated on your DCP-Audit. If you have recently changed your major, this request cannot be processed until it is updated in ASIST.
  • Provide all of the required information on this form. (Attach a copy of the course description or course syllabus.)
  • Seek the recommendation of the appropriate Chair/Dean/Director.
  • Submit the approved request to the Registrar’s Office. (If the request was approved via email, the appropriate approver must send the decision and the form directly to; an email forwarded by the student will not be honored as official.)
  • Expect results within a week if all the required information has been provided and the course was successfully completed.
  • Check your Degree Completion Plan-Audit (DCP) (ASIST>Student>Student Record>DCP Audit) for the status of your request. The substitution/replacement will be posted on your DCP.

Note: Forms with incorrect approvers will not be processed and will be returned to the student.

An approved request will not change transcript information but will be reflected on your DCP ONLY.


Approvals Needed for Course Substitutions


Course Requirement

Seek Recommendation From

General Education Courses

Gen. Ed. Courses, UNIV 101 & PHIL 201:




BWVW, Bible, & Theology:


Integrative Studies:


Exceptions: (two signatures required) 

Elementary Education Integrated Studies:

Special Education Integrated Studies:

College of Gen. Studies Dean/Associate Dean:

Dr. Emily Heady, Dean, or

Dr. Bruce Bell, Assoc. Dean,



Dr. Gabriel Etzel, Dean, School of Religion,

Prof. Carolyn Towles, Asst. Prof of English,

Dr. Brian Yates, Dean, CASAS,



Approvers mentioned above & Director of Elementary Education

Approvers mentioned above & Director of Special Education

Courses Required by a Major/Minor:

Elementary Education Integrated Studies:

Special Education Integrated Studies:

Engineering Majors: Technical Electives:

Department Chairperson where the Major/Minor is Housed

Dir of Elem. Ed & Dept. Chair Where the Course is Housed

Dir of Spec Ed & Dept. Chair Where the Course  is Housed

Dept. Chair Where Course is Housed & Dept. Chair of Engr


Special Notes

  • Forms that do not appear on the web must be obtained from the Registrar's Office or your Academic Advisor.

  • Many forms apply only to residential programs and not the online learning program, and vice versa.

  • All forms must be completed and processed according to the guidelines in the 2013-2014 Academic Policy Handbook and the University Catalog in order to be considered official.

  • School of Engineering and Computational Sciences (SECS) majors desiring a course substitution must use this form:  SECS Course Substitution

  • Please call (434) 592-5100 if you need additional information.