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Undergraduate Resident Course Substitution

This information is for Residential students only. Are you an Online student?  Please use the appropriate course substitution form found on the Forms & Downloads page. Directions for completing the form are included on the form.


Course Substitution requests are made when a student wishes to substitute one course for another required course when a clear relationship exists between the two.

This form may also be used when an academic department approves a complete replacement for a Liberty course requirement. Approval of the course substitution is under the oversight of the Dean presiding over the required course.

How a Course Substitution applies to your Degree Completion Plan

  • Please note that an approved substitution will apply toward the degree requirement(s), but will not change the course number on the student’s transcript.
  • A lower-level course substituting for an upper-level requirement will not count toward the total number of upper-level hours required.
  • Course substitutions are not applicable for certificate-seeking students.
  • Changing programs or breaking enrollment may invalidate the request.

Resident Transfer Students

If you feel a course is equivalent to the Liberty requirement, please submit a Transfer Evaluation Inquiry form to have your transfer course reevaluated. At any point prior to degree conferral, students may petition to have courses that are listed as electives (i.e. ELEC 1XX/2XX/3XX) substitute for required courses by using the Course Substitution form.

How to submit a Course Substitution form

You will need to seek the signature of the appropriate department chairperson/dean.  For list of department chairs and deans, see list below.

Once the course substitution form is signed and approved, submit a hardcopy using one of the following methods:

  • Preferred Method: Scan and email to:
  • Hand-carry to the Registrar's Office
  • Fax to: 434-582-2187
  • Mail to:  Liberty University - Attn: Registrar's Office - 1971 University Boulevard - Lynchburg, VA 24502

Course Substitution forms without course description or syllabus provided may cause a delay in processing



How do I know if the course substitution was processed?

  • Check your Degree Completion Plan-Audit (DCP) (ASIST>Student>Student Record>DCP Audit) for the status of your request. The substitution/replacement will be posted on your DCPA.

Why has my course substitution not posted to my Degree Completion Plan? 

Your request may be pending due to one of the following:

  • Change of Major - All requests to change degree programs, majors, cognates, and concentrations must be submitted in writing to the College of Applied Studies and Academic Success. Requests must be signed by the student in order to be processed. Major changes become effective for the semester following their submission.

  • Final Grade – If a course sub is submitted for a current or future course, the final grade must be posted before the course sub will be processed.

  • Approval from faculty member

  • Missing  or incorrect required information 


How do I know who approves my request?

Core Competencies (CCR) & General Education Courses

Integrative Studies



School of Engineering and Computational Sciences (SECS) majors desiring a course substitution must use this form: SECS Course Substitution