Undergraduate Resident Course Substitution

A course substitution request is made when a student desires to substitute one course for a required course when a clear relationship exists between the two.  This form may also be used when an academic department approves a complete replacement for a Liberty course requirement.

Course Substitution Process

  • Read and carefully follow the instructions for the Course Substitution BETA.  Do NOT use this form if the replacement course (i.e., the course that is replacing the DCPA-required course) is in-progess (IP) (i.e., you are currently registered for it)
  • If the replacement course is IP, please use the Word document Course Substitution Form
  • If you have any questions or complications, please email LUTransfer@liberty.edu to address them


How a Course Substitution applies to the Degree Completion Plan Audit (DCPA):

  • An approved course substitution will apply toward the degree requirement(s) but will not change the course prefix and number on the student’s transcript, nor will it change the student’s GPA.
  • A lower-level course substituting for an upper-level requirement will not count toward the total number of upper-level hours required.
  • Changing programs or breaking enrollment may invalidate a request.
  • An approved course substitution applicable to a General Education course may be applied even if the student changes majors.  (Exception: Education majors will need the approval from both the College of General Studies and the School of Education.)
  • A given course may fulfill both a General Education requirement and a Directed Elective requirement. (Consult your Advisor for more information).
  • A replacement course should fulfill at least 2/3 of the credit requirement of the required course in the program.
  • A graduate course cannot be applied to an undergraduate program.


  • Resident Transfer Students: If you feel a transfer course is equivalent to a Liberty requirement, please submit a Transfer Evaluation Inquiry form to have your transfer course reevaluated. At any point prior to degree conferral, students may petition to have courses that are listed as electives (i.e. ELEC 1XX/2XX/3XX) substitute for required courses by using the Course Substitution Form.
  • Liberty University Online Students: Please use the Course Substitution Form found on the Online University Forms and Downloads page.
  • School of Engineering and Computational Sciences (SECS) Majors: For its major courses and other required courses found on the right-side of the Degree Completion Plan, this department utilizes a different course substitution form and process. Therefore, please use the SECS Course Substitution Form.


How long does it take for the RO to post an approved request on the Degree Completion Plan Audit?

  • Barring any incorrect information on the course sub form, posting takes place within ten business days of receiving an approver’s recommendation
  • During peak times (at the beginning and end of terms), it may take longer than ten business days
  • It is best to submit a request before or after peak times

What factors can cause a delay in the processing of a request?

  • Change of Major – If the major indicated on a request form does not match the major on the student’s DCPA, there will be a delay.  The student should officially declare his/her major before submitting the request
  • Incorrect or Insufficient Information – If the request form has incorrect or insufficient information, there will be a delay