Resident Undergraduate Transfer Forms

If you are thinking of applying, have been accepted, or you are a current student who plans to take a course at another institution, these transfer forms will be helpful.

Course Substitution - Course Substitution Request for DCP Requirements

Transfer Evaluation Inquiry (TEI) - Appeal a Completed Evaluation

Transient Request - Pre-approval for Transfer Courses

Unofficial Transfer Consultation (UTC) - Pre-Admission Credit Evaluation


School of Engineering and Computational Sciences forms**

**(Excludes Applied Internet Technology majors)

Course Substitution - SECS

Transfer Evaluation Inquiry (TEI) - SECS

Transient Request - SECS


Special Notes

  • Forms that do not appear on the web must be obtained from the Registrar's Office or your Academic Advisor.

  • Many forms apply only to residential programs and not the online learning program, and vice versa.

  • All forms must be completed and processed according to the guidelines in the 2013-2014 Academic Policy Handbook and the University Catalog in order to be considered official.

  • Please call (434) 592-5100 if you need additional information.