College of Arts & Sciences

Christian Arts and Sciences School

The College of Arts and Sciences includes seven departments and centers, and majors and programs of study leading to undergraduate (B.A., B.S.) and graduate (M.A.) degrees. Students can select majors in English, Spanish, TESL, American Sign Language Interpreting, Mathematics, History, Social Sciences, Philosophy, and Family and Consumer Sciences. Although the College of Arts and Sciences includes diverse disciplines, its faculty and departments emphasize common goals.

We are pleased to welcome the M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies to the College of Arts and Sciences. 

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We Are Committed To Academic Excellence

Most faculty members have terminal degrees. Programs are academically rigorous, challenging students to develop intellectually. Departments and programs are certified and accredited by discipline-specific bodies, ensuring that they hold to the highest standards.

We Are Committed To Christian Education

All professors are dedicated Christians who affirm students in the faith, challenge them to grow spiritually, and encourage them to evaluate all things from a Christ-centered perspective. Each department is committed to an integration of faith and discipline, showing how Biblical presuppositions and a commitment to Christ govern research and teaching.

We Are Committed To Teaching

Our faculty members see teaching as a calling and are dedicated to student development. In classroom settings, research environments and one-on-one relationships, faculty members seek to mentor and disciple students.

We Are Committed To Vocational Development

Programs in the College of Arts and Sciences provide excellent career opportunities. Our graduates serve as lawyers and politicians; pastors and missionaries; professors and teachers; editors and writers; physicists and mathematicians; archivists and curators; officers in military service. We expect our graduates to be champions for Christ in their chosen fields.

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