Introductory Field Experience


Teacher candidates who wish to complete the Introductory Field Experience (30-hour practicum) must follow these guidelines:

  • Attend the presentation in EDUC 125 where an explanation of the practicum is given.
  • Begin the appropriate SOE Background/Fingerprint/Child Abuse clearances.
  • Review placement procedures.
    • Teacher candidates choosing to complete a local placement will be placed at Liberty Christian Academy (LCA) through a partnership program. Other private school options may be available depending on schedule options.  Students will be responsible for placement sign-up during time frame addressed in class.
    • Teacher candidates choosing to complete an external placement must carefully review the placement procedures. Requests should be submitted early in the semester.
  • Purchase a red Liberty University School of Education lanyard badge to be used for all field experiences throughout the teacher candidate’s program. The badge can be purchased at the front desk in the School of Education for $5.00.
  • Paperwork to be completed: