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Studio and Digital Arts (BFA): Studio Art

BFA in Studio and Digital Arts: Studio Art

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Residential Degree in Studio & Digital Arts: Studio Art

Perfect your skills with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio & Digital Arts: Studio Art. Our BFA program refines your artistic abilities as you learn to use your art to influence culture.

Join our community of artists, where you’ll study 2D and 3D art with professors who average 15 years of industry and teaching experience.

Students are accepted into the BFA program through competitive entry. You must submit a portfolio to be considered for the Bachelor of Fine Arts program.

With a focus in Studio Arts, you'll learn how to:

  • Create visual imagery using traditional practices
  • Operate galleries and museums
  • Represent art through form and color
  • Create three-dimensional sculptural objects
  • Solve specific artistic and sculptural problems
  • Understand how technology has influenced culture
  • Examine how art is understood
  • Practice the technical aspects of drawing

Academics: Studio Arts Cognate

Program of Study (DCP)

Studio & Digital Arts (BFA): Studio Art (DCP)

Credit Hours

125 credit hours

Courses in Studio Arts

  • Ceramics I (ARTS 475)
  • Gallery/Museum Fundamentals (ARTS 382)
  • Painting I (ARTS 321)
  • Sculpture I (ARTS 330)

Career Opportunities in Studio Art

  • Craft or Fine Artist
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Art Director
  • Gallery Owner
  • Museum Director
  • Exhibitions Coordinator
  • Art Critic
  • Conservator and Restorer
  • Display Designer
  • Curator

Studio Art Student Testimonial

The most important thing I learned at SADA that I feel will help me compete in the job market is merely to remember that everything I create is through and for Christ. With that concept at the core of my efforts, everything else becomes easier because I’m doing it in excellence for His glory.

- Mariannette Oyola-Perez

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