Meet Your Fall 2023 Ambassador!

We want to make your transition to a new country and to Liberty University a smooth and enjoyable process. Our student ambassadors are here to help you with that.

As student ambassadors, these international students work to develop friendships with you to support your educational journey. They will help make sure your cultural adjustment is both fun and seamless. Click on the “Get to know your ambassador!” image or take a look below to find out who your student ambassadors are.

International Student Ambassadors

Get to know your ambassador!

Undergraduate Student Ambassadors

Peace Lim

Peace (Qianyu) Lim

Classification: Junior

Home Country: Malaysia

Major: Business Administration

Bio: Hi! My name is Peace, and I am from Malaysia! I am currently a sophomore studying business administration with the hopes of someday running my own company! I adventured to the United States in August 2021 for the first time ever, and in my short time here in the States and at Liberty, I have been challenged more than ever before, but I have also grown in so many ways!

The transition to a different culture has been both exciting and terrifying, but by the Lord’s grace, I have been surrounded by immense support from the International Student Center, my hall leadership, my friends, and my sister. Because of them, I am so excited for this opportunity to extend the love that has been shown to me and to serve you and walk alongside you as you adapt to a new culture in the States and at Liberty!


Jisa Kusanthan

Jisa Kusanthan 

Classification: Junior

Home Country: Zambia

Major: Business Administration in Healthcare Management 

Bio: Hey, I’m Jisa! I was born in India and brought up in Zambia. Being an international student in the United States has broadened my perspective on two main things: 1. Where God sends, He provides, and 2. Chick-fil-a is overrated.

I am so grateful for the opportunity that the International Student Center has given me to be able to grow with you, encourage you and relate to you when it comes to anything and everything international! I am always here for you, and I am praying for you! God bless! 

Nhien Tang

Nhien Tang

Classification: Sophomore

Home country: Vietnam

Major: Business Administration

Bio: Xin chào! My name is Nhien, a proud citizen of Vietnam. I have taken so many steps closer to wisdom thanks to all the experience I accumulated during my first year at Liberty. I have had both joyful memories and rough challenges. Yet one thing stood out: at any time, there are always people pouring into me with love and guidance.

Welcome to Liberty – I look forward to supporting your transition to a whole new world of wonders. Let’s create a compassionate and fulfilling community together!

Frank James

Frank Bedwell James

Classification: Senior

Home Country: Mexico

Major: Exercise Science

Bio: Hola! I’ve been at Liberty since 2019, and I love this place! I’ve grown so much through the years, and Liberty is full of great people that have been helpful beyond measure in that growth I love my professors. They truly are excellent at what they do! There are tons of activities you can do around Liberty and Lynchburg in your free time, I’m sure you’ll find something that’ll spark a passion in you. The International Student Center has been invaluable in the process of adjusting to the US and keeping up with regulations. 

I’m deeply grateful to God for this place, and I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do!

Robin Santos


HOME COUNTY: Philippines/Thailand

MAJOR: Master of Business Administration-HR

Bio: Hey Guys! My name is Robin Santos, and I was born in Manila, Philippines, and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. I first came to the United States in 2019 to pursue a degree in aviation at a school called Lewis University. However, after 3 years there, I felt God call me to transfer to Liberty, and ever since the Fall of 2022, I have been a  Champion for Christ as a Commercial/Corporate Major. I am currently classified as a Senior.

I am excited to serve as an ambassador for the incoming International students and look forward to meeting all of you! 

God bless!

Graduate Student Ambassadors

Sony Alexis

Sony Alexis

Classification: Graduate Student

Home country: Haiti

Major: Master of Business Administration

Bio: Sony Alexis here! God brought me to this amazing place in 2019 from Haiti! I am getting a Master’s in Business! I am here to share my experiences with you and help you to navigate this beautiful place! You will love it here!

Go Flames!


Rachel Karu

Rachel Simon-Karu

Classification: Graduate Student

Home country: Nigeria

Major: Master of Public Health (MPH)

Bio: Hi! My name is Rachel Simon-Karu. I studied Sociology and Social Work and Co-Founded a Non-profit that equips youths with skills in Peacebuilding and Leadership in Nigeria, and I am currently a member of the Youth Advisory Council of the United States Institute of Peace.

 In furtherance of my work, I came to Liberty University (LU) in the Spring of 2022 to study for a Master of Public Health.

In a search for an environment with excellent academic standards that also shares my Christian values, I found LU, in Lynchburg. It is a beautiful place with all the mix that gives one a good life and the serenity to study, find meaning in life and succeed. I always look forward to my trips to the mountain, where I enjoy an enchanting view of nature, and a glimpse of God’s unfathomable handiwork.

Here I am learning how to pursue my endeavors with eternity in mind.

LU will prepare you to step on the platform to genuinely prosper in life. I look forward to welcoming you to the place where learning meets faith. Here lie the incredible secrets to Training Champions for Christ.

Sarah Nakayiza

Sarah Nakayiza

Classification: Graduate Student

Home Country: Uganda

Major: Master of Business Administration-HR

Hello team, I am Sarah, and very excited to welcome you to the great Liberty University and Lynchburg, VA. I am a resident graduate Student from the Pearl of Africa-Uganda! I came to the US in 2022, and it’s been a ‘rollercoaster’ of experiences, from cultural shock, unique class delivery systems, the food, the southern accent, and the weather to finding my way around campus and the city and a ton of other things. It’s been both challenging and exciting.

God has blessed me and purposely placed people in my path who have helped me to transition into the system smoothly. The ISC has been nothing but fantastic in helping me to find all the resources needed for my successful stay here. I wish to bless you and help ease your settling down into the Liberty community. You’ve got this!!

Shanzay Tariq

Shanzay Tariq 

Classification: Graduate Student 

Home Country: Pakistan 

Major: Strategic Communication (Digital Communication) 


My name is Shanza Tariq, but I go by Shanzay. I come from Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. I am currently doing my master’s in strategic communication. I’m greatly humbled to be a student at Liberty University. I consider it a great blessing from God to have guided me to choose Liberty for my Foreign Studies. 

The International Student Center (ISC) felt like a home away from home. I’m deeply thankful to the team of ISC and the ambassadors that helped me get past the emotional stage of leaving home and being in a new country altogether.  

I aim to be the same influence on our new students who choose Liberty for their Foreign studies. I’m happy to help and navigate you as, once I was in your position, I know how it feels. I’m here to help you adjust, and it would be a privilege to answer your queries and guide you. 

I’m very excited to meet you all in person and welcome you to Liberty, your new home!

Prasanth Dinesh

Prasanth Thekkethil Dinesh

Classification: Graduate Student

Home Country: India

Major: Marketing (MBA)

Bio: My name is Prasanth Thekkethil Dinesh, but you can call me Prasanth. Now it may be hard for you to get my name on the first try, but you will get it eventually. I am from Kerala, India, But I grew up in Dubai, UAE. I am currently studying MBA in Marketing. Coming here to study in the USA has always been a dream of mine, and that dream took me to Liberty University. Liberty is a wonderfully diverse University with students from all around the world and one of the biggest campuses. Campus and its people are the beauty of Liberty. And I don’t think anyone will deny that.

When I first came to Liberty, I was a bit scared about how I will be adapted to this new change of living alone without my family. but when I came here and met the team from ISC, they helped me with the process of moving in and showing me around. The ambassadors helped me out, and I made a lot of new friends at ISC. So that fear that I had all gone away in just 1 day, and I was able to adapt easily with their help, and I am sure everyone new that is going to come to Liberty can adapt easily as well. I will help you out to the best of my ability, just like how my ambassadors helped me out. I am looking forward to meeting all of you guys this incoming semester.