Meet Your Fall 2022 Ambassador!

We want to make your transition to a new country and to Liberty University a smooth and enjoyable process. Our student ambassadors are here to help you with that.

As student ambassadors, these international students work to develop friendships with you to support your educational journey. They will help make sure your cultural adjustment is both fun and seamless. Click on the “Get to know your ambassador!” image or take a look below to find out who your student ambassadors are.

International Student Ambassadors

Get to know your ambassador!

Undergraduate Student Ambassadors

Peace Lim

Peace (Qianyu) Lim

Classification: Sophomore

Home Country: Malaysia

Major: Business Administration

Bio: Hi! My name is Peace, and I am from Malaysia! I am currently a sophomore studying business administration with the hopes of someday running my own company! I adventured to the United States in August 2021 for the first time ever, and in my short time here in the States and at Liberty, I have been challenged more than ever before, but I have also grown in so many ways!

The transition to a different culture has been both exciting and terrifying, but by the Lord’s grace, I have been surrounded by immense support from the International Student Center, my hall leadership, my friends, and my sister. Because of them, I am so excited for this opportunity to extend the love that has been shown to me and to serve you and walk alongside you as you adapt to a new culture in the States and at Liberty!


Wonjung Eum

Wonjung Eum

Classification: Senior

Home Country: South Korea

Major: Aeronautics: Commercial/Corporate

Bio: Hello Guys! My name is Wonjung Eum, but you can also call me Richard. God has blessed me with the opportunity to study Commercial/Corporate pilot courses here in Lynchburg, VA at Liberty University since 2018 and, has further blessed me by helping me to achieve my goals.

Welcome to Liberty University! I am grateful to have been chosen as an ambassador for the International Student Center, and I am excited to meet all of the new and returning students. I am so glad you have chosen to be a part of Liberty University. I understand that it can be hard to study abroad and be far away from your home and country, but that is why we are here to help. To keep you motivated and encourage you to successfully finish your college life here.

Please do not hesitate to ask for advice! I will do my best to help you settle down and start your new/returning semester.

Again, welcome to Liberty University and I look forward to meeting you!

Justin Hudson

Justin Hudson

Classification: Junior

Home Country: The Bahamas

Major: Accounting

Bio: Hi! My name is Justin and I call the picturesque nation of The Bahamas my home. I’m a Junior Accounting major with a minor in Business. I’ve been so blessed with the opportunity to attend Liberty since Fall 2019, and the International Student Center has been more than helpful in aiding my transition. It can sometimes be difficult being so far away from home, but the people you meet here will create a community that fosters a home away from home. I’m looking forward to being able to serve you and help you get acclimated! I’m looking forward to meeting you and learning about your wonderful country. Welcome to Liberty!

Sohyun Park

Sohyun Park

Classification: Senior

Home Country: South Korea

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Bio: Hello, there! My name is Sohyun Park and I was born in South Korea. I have been studying Mechanical Engineering in Liberty since Fall 2019. I was 7 years old when I came to the United States the first time, but I went back to Korea after two years. Then I returned to the States during middle school, so this is my 10th year residing in the United States. I lived in four different States before coming to Lynchburg. I am fluent in both Korean and English and speak a little bit (very little bit) of French. In my free time, I like to work out, cook, and read the Bible. I am excited to serve international students as an ambassador. I wanted to be part of this team because I know many of you are having trouble adapting to an unfamiliar environment. As an international student who has been in your shoes, I am here to help anyone overcome homesickness, language barrier, and even culture shocks. I am glad how God gave me chance to assist Liberty students who speak English as a second language. I hope you make Lynchburg a new home in your heart soon. 

Graduate Student Ambassadors

MacCarthy Mensah

MacCarthy Mensah

Classification: Graduate Student

Home Country: Ghana

Major: Theological Studies

Bio: My name is Ben MacCarthy Mensah. but you can call me MacCarthy. I come from Accra, Ghana, in West Africa, and Currently studying theological studies. Liberty University has been a blessing to me not only for admitting me into the school of divinity but also provided me with a serene environment to learn and build authentic friendships and relationships based on Christ.

As an international student, Thanks to the awesome-hardworking team at the International Student Centre (ISC), I was able to manage some of the challenges one is bound to face moving to a different country and culture. I was able to weather the storm and transition through the culture shock and homesickness. In return, as Christ requires of us, I’m here to help you navigate through some of the challenges so you don’t have to do it all alone.

Rachel Simon Karu

Rachel Simon-Karu

Classification: Graduate Student

Home country: Nigeria

Major: Master of Public Health (MPH)

Bio: Hi! My name is Rachel Simon-Karu. I studied Sociology and Social Work and Co-Founded a Non-profit that equips youths with skills in Peacebuilding and Leadership in Nigeria, and I am currently a member of the Youth Advisory Council of the United States Institute of Peace.

 In furtherance of my work, I came to Liberty University (LU) in the Spring of 2022 to study for a Master of Public Health.

In a search for an environment with excellent academic standards that also shares my Christian values, I found LU, in Lynchburg. It is a beautiful place with all the mix that gives one a good life and the serenity to study, find meaning in life and succeed. I always look forward to my trips to the mountain, where I enjoy an enchanting view of nature, and a glimpse of God’s unfathomable handiwork.

Here I am learning how to pursue my endeavors with eternity in mind.

LU will prepare you to step on the platform to genuinely prosper in life. I look forward to welcoming you to the place where learning meets faith. Here lie the incredible secrets to Training Champions for Christ.



Sony Alexis

Classification: Graduate Student

Home country: Haiti

Major: Master of Business Administration

Bio: Sony Alexis here! God brought me to this amazing place in 2019 from Haiti! I am getting a Master’s in Business! I am here to share my experiences with you and help you to navigate this beautiful place! You will love it here!

Go Flames!

Sony Alexis