Acceptable Proof Of Funds For International Students

List of acceptable proof of funds to apply for Liberty University SEVIS I-20 form.

Applicant’s Personal funds:

  • Bank statements in applicant’s name showing the balance of the account (see below for criteria)

Loan Certificates/Letters:

  • Must indicate your name and the amount of approved loan
  • Loan applications are not accepted as proof of funding


Bank/Financial Statement Criteria:

  • Should be a single page document showing the criteria below. DO NOT submit long statements that include transaction history
    • Showing bank/financial statements from multiple accounts is acceptable
  • Should indicate the financial institution’s name
  • Should indicate the account holder’s name
  • Should clearly show the account balance
  • Should be dated within the past 6 months (older statements will not be accepted)
  • Should clearly show the type of currency

IMPORTANT: The following types of funding are NOT accepted:

  • Documents older than 6 months
  • Income or salary statements
  • Funds that are not immediately accessible
  • Assets that are not in liquidated form (house, car, stocks, shares, etc.)
  • Life insurance policy statements
  • Pension funds
  • Tax return forms or documents