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Liberty University is accredited by SACSCOC

Immerse Yourself in the Dynamic Realm of Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Ignite Your Potential for Impactful Career Growth

The Master of Science (MS) in Psychology – Industrial/Organizational Psychology program at Liberty University is a comprehensive, 2-year program that can help equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of industrial and organizational (I/O) psychology. Throughout the program, you will engage in a rigorous curriculum that combines theoretical foundations with practical applications, which can help prepare you for a successful career in a variety of industries.

Our program fosters a collaborative and supportive learning environment where you can engage with faculty and peers who share a passion for psychology and its applications in the workplace. You’ll have the chance to participate in discussions, exchange ideas, and learn from diverse perspectives, enriching your learning experience and expanding your professional network.

By choosing the Master of Science in Psychology – Industrial/Organizational Psychology program at Liberty University, you are embarking on a transformative educational journey that can help open doors to exciting career opportunities. Whether you aspire to work in human resources, organizational consulting, talent management, or research, this program can help equip you with the knowledge, skills, and ethical framework needed to make a positive impact on individuals and organizations. Embrace this opportunity to develop as a skilled professional and contribute to creating healthier, more productive, and thriving work environments.

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At Liberty, you’ll find an affordable, high-quality education that equips students like you for the real world. Our commitment to excellence helped us rank among’s Top 3 college campuses in America. Earning your degree from a nonprofit university with state-of-the-art resources like ours can help set you apart from your peers.

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Why Choose Liberty’s Master of Science in Psychology – Industrial/Organizational Psychology Degree?

Liberty University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). This accreditation ensures that our program meets rigorous academic standards and is widely recognized and respected by employers.

Our experienced faculty members bring a wealth of real-world experience to the classroom. They are dedicated to providing guidance and mentorship, imparting valuable insights and practical knowledge that can enhance your understanding of industrial and organizational psychology concepts. Their expertise and commitment to your success can help you develop the necessary skills to thrive in the field.

At Liberty University, we believe in the integration of faith and learning. In our psychology – industrial/organizational psychology program, you can explore how psychological principles align with Christian values and ethics. This unique perspective allows you to develop a comprehensive understanding of psychology in the context of your faith, enabling you to make ethical and morally grounded decisions as a professional in the field.

What Will You Learn in Our MS in Psychology – Industrial/Organizational Psychology Degree? 

Throughout the Master of Science in Psychology – Industrial/Organizational Psychology program, you can gain a deep understanding of psychological theories, research methods, and practical applications relevant to the workplace.

The comprehensive curriculum covers topics such as statistics, research design, social psychology, cognitive psychology, industrial/organizational psychology foundations, organizational behavior management, current issues in industrial/organizational psychology, and leadership theories and practice. These courses can help equip you with the necessary skills to analyze data, understand human behavior in social and work settings, integrate psychology and Christian values, and apply cognitive theories to enhance organizational performance.

Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to choose elective courses that align with your interests and career goals, allowing you to specialize further in areas such as public mental health, behavior modification, program evaluation, psychology of performance, personnel psychology, and special topics in I/O psychology.

View the Degree Completion Plan, and check out our featured courses below for more information!

Featured Courses

MSPS 520 – Foundations of Industrial/Organizational Psychology

MSPS 646 – Organizational Behavior Management

MSPS 654 – Current Issues in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

MSPS 658 – Leadership Theories and Practice

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Highlights of Our MS in Psychology – Industrial/Organizational Psychology Degree

  • Complete your entire master’s in as little as 2 years.
  • Our student-to-professor ratio for residential graduate students is 6:1. Our faculty care deeply for their students, praying for and with them throughout their academic journey.
  • Our faculty members have years of professional experience counseling and conducting research in areas like child development, marriage and family studies, substance abuse intervention, and interpersonal and intrapersonal forgiveness.
  • Our psychology department facilitates networking between students and professionals by hosting prominent guest speakers, organizing service events, and helping students discover internship opportunities.
  • Participate in academic trips to places like Ecuador, Greece, and South Korea to gain hands-on field experience while analyzing cultural influences on psychological development.

MS in Psychology – Industrial/Organizational Psychology Degree Information

Potential Career Opportunities for Our Master’s of Psychology Graduates

  • Evaluation and assessment manager
  • HR organizational development specialist
  • Human capital consultant
  • Organizational development consultant
  • Organizational effectiveness consultant
  • Selection and assessment consultant
  • Talent management specialist
  • Test and measures specialist
  • Workforce insights analyst/manager

Admission Requirements for Our Psychology Graduate Degrees

Every application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and all applicants must submit the following documents and meet the minimum requirements for admission:

  • Admission application
  • Self-certification form (for students who are in the final term of their bachelor’s degree)
  • Current Liberty undergraduate students seeking preliminary acceptance into a graduate program must complete a degree completion application through their ASIST account
  • A regionally or nationally accredited bachelor’s degree with at least a 3.0 GPA for admission in good standing
  • Undergraduate prerequisites (can be taken after admission): 12 credit hours in psychology, which must include general psychology, statistics, research methods, and 1 additional psychology course
  • Recommender Contact Information for 2 academic and/or professional sources (to be completed through the provided link)
  • Official GRE Test Scores (must be taken within the last 5 years). Current GRE, 151 Verbal Reasoning, 152 Quantitative Reasoning, 3.5 Analytical Writing.
    • 3.0 to 4.0 undergraduate GPA waives GRE test score requirement