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Kappa Delta Pi

LUO Undergraduate

Kappa Delta Pi is an international honor society in education with the purpose of promoting excellence in future professionals and recognizing the outstanding contributions made to education. The Pi Sigma Chapter at Liberty University was founded in 1984. The organization endeavors to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among its members, quicken professional growth, and honor achievement in educational work.


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Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Andrea Beam

Mission Statement

  • Recognizes scholarship and excellence in education,
  • Promotes the development and dissemination of worthy educational ideas and practices,
  • Enhances the continuous growth and leadership of its diverse membership,
  • Fosters inquiry and reflection on significant educational issues.
  • Maintains a high degree of professional fellowship.


  • Fidelity to Humanity. Faith in the potential of human beings to improve through continuing education and experience a more meaningful life.
  • Science. Faithful to the cause of inquiry and strives to eliminate prejudice by withholding judgment until accurate knowledge is obtained.
  • Service. Seeks advancement for all of humanity by serving and working to achieve peace, justice, and better living.
  • Toil. A willingness to complete a task, whether is it is pleasing or not, and a faith in the intrinsic value of education.


Membership is based on high academic achievement, a commitment to education as a career, and a professional attitude that assures the member’s steady growth in the field of education.


  • Minimum cumulative 3.1 GPA
  • Completion of EDUC 125 and EDUC 220/221
  • Recommendation of a faculty member who is also a member of KDP
  • Attend a pre-initiate meeting each semester


Pre-Initiate Meeting

Further information will be required during the mandatory Pre-Initiate Meeting each semester. At this meeting, you may be invited to become a pledge of the Pi Sigma Chapter. At that time, you will complete the application process.

A link will be provided when it is enrollment opens.

Honor Cord

The green and purple honor cords worn at graduation signify that the wearer has earned membership in KDP. KDP honor cords may only be worn at Liberty University commencement if they are duly earned by service to the chapter and the community and awarded by the Pi Sigma Chapter.

Note: This page is for undergraduate students only. Graduate students or professionals, please visit the Professional Chapter page.