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Commuter Convocation Information

We believe Convocation is an important aspect of your education here at Liberty University. At Convocation, we hear from noteworthy businessmen and women, political figures, and faith leaders from around the world in a form that is unique to the LU experience. The opportunity allows you to develop critical thinking skills that are a significant part of educational development.

New Convocation Policies for Spring 2020

  • Freshmen and Sophomore commuters have to attend Convocation.
  • And, other commuters who are not 21 years old have to attend Convocation.
    • Unless they were a commuting junior or senior in the Fall of 2019.  (this group is already exempt)
  • New commuters for Spring 2020 who are not yet 21 years old have to attend Convocation until they are 21.


Freshman and Sophomore Commuters

All freshmen and sophomores are required to attend Convocation on Wednesdays and Fridays and will be assigned to a hall. Please check in with your assigned hall RA.

Please read your Emails from Liberty University

All, please do not send your emails from Liberty University to your recycle bin or to an unread folder.  You are missing out on important announcements.  If you fined for not attending a Convocation, you can appeal the fine.  The appeal process is outlined in the email that states you were fined.

Convocation Exemption Request Form (for Commuters)

Please complete the Exemption form if you are requesting an exemption from Convocation.

Conflicting Work Schedules

Commuters, if your work schedule prohibits you from attending Convocation, please email Commuters@liberty.edu with an explanation. Your employer will need to email Commuters@liberty.edu directly to confirm your work schedule. Please bear in mind that most student work schedules can be adjusted.

Commuter Lounge

The Commuter Lounge, Green Hall 1875, will be closed for Convocation.

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If you have a question about Convocation requirements for commuters, please contact us.

Green Hall 1887