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Online Course Developer Information

This page contains information on submitting the proper documents for Liberty University Online Course Developers. If you have questions regarding this process, please see the FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Before Beginning

Identify whether the chosen Course Developer is internal (current Liberty employee) or external (does not work at Liberty). Please refer to Workday to check if the Course Developer is currently in the system as a Liberty employee.

Process for Internal Course Developers

  1. Submit a New Course Development Proposal form.
  2. Once the New Course Development Proposal is approved by the Provost’s Office, fill out a Supplemental Work Agreement (SWA) form for each internal Course Developer. Note: If a Course Developer is developing multiple courses, please submit a separate SWA for each course development.
    1. Include the following verbiage in the “Employee Supplemental Scope of Work” field:

      This Supplemental Work Agreement is for the development of the following new course for Liberty University Online:

      Course ID:
      Course Title:
      Course Launch Subterm:

      The End Date entered below reflects the Course Change Deadline for the course launch subterm. If the Center for Academic Development’s Editing team contacts the Course Developer after the Course Change Deadline, it is understood that the Course Developer will respond to the Editing team promptly and provide answers to questions as needed.

      Since these tasks are outside the employee’s regular job responsibilities, the employee will be paid a one-time bonus upon completion of the outlined work. Paperwork for payment processes will be submitted once all work related to the course development has been completed and approved.

      Note: The course details (including the course launch subterm), delivery dates, and payment amount for this course development are subject to change.

    2. Enter the Course Change Deadline for the course launch subterm as the End Date under “Completion Delivery Dates/Times.” Refer to the following webpage for the Course Change Deadline: https://www.liberty.edu/center-for-academic-development/course-change-deadlines

    3. Enter the stipend amount under “Payment Amount for Scope of Work.”
  3. Email the SWA to Academic Affairs (academicaffairs@liberty.edu).
    1. If Academic Affairs has questions or concerns about the SWA, they will reach out.
  4. Once Academic Affairs returns the SWA with their approval, email the SWA to the Course Developer to sign.
  5. Once the Course Developer returns the SWA with his or her signature, email the SWA to cad@liberty.edu with the subject line “Course Developer SWA.”
    1. Note that this is an automated inbox, so please use the subject line provided above.

Process for External Course Developers

  1. Fill out an Independent Contractor (IC) Questionnaire.
    1. Once you have filled out and signed the IC Questionnaire, Human Resources will review it and indicate approval.
    2. If Human Resources declines the IC Questionnaire, review their feedback and determine next steps.
  2. Once Human Resources indicates approval of the IC Questionnaire, submit a New Course Development Proposal form, attaching the IC Questionnaire.


What current Liberty employees are eligible to be Course Developers?

I have questions about the Supplemental Work Agreement (SWA) or the Independent Contractor (IC) Questionnaire. Whom should I contact?

If an external Course Developer was previously approved as an Independent Contractor, do I need to submit another Independent Contract (IC) Questionnaire?

Does the policy regarding which states a remote employee can work in apply to Independent Contractors and Part-Time Exempt Employees?

What do I do if the course launch subterm changes?

What do I do if the Course Developer changes?

If you have any further questions, please contact cad@liberty.edu.

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