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Time Management

As a college student, there are many things competing for your attention. In order to make the most out of your time, you should consider using these three tools:


Monthly Calendars

You can use either a single calendar that includes all your classes, or create a separate calendar for each class. On the first day of class take each syllabus and record all assignments, quizzes, and tests on your calendar. If your class does not have a set syllabus, be sure to write down assignments as they are given.

This monthly calendar will serve as the basis for creating your weekly schedule


A Weekly Schedule

Use the monthly calendar to create a weekly schedule. Create blocks of time for devotions, classes, meals, work, and studying. Try to have a study block of one to two hours each day and make sure you keep these important appointments.


A Daily To-Do List

Every day make a prioritized list of the things you must accomplish. Check items off your list as you complete them, revising it to de-clutter as needed.