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Storing and Retrieving Items

12th Street Warehouse


For any questions or concerns regarding storing or retrieving items, please email warehousefacilities@liberty.edu.

Submit a Manifest

Sending Items

If your department needs items removed from their space and moved to the 12th Street Warehouse, email a completed Manifest to warehousefacilities@liberty.edu. Within two business days you will receive an email approving, denying, or requesting more information about the manifest.  Once approved, Warehouse Services will submit a work order to Materials Movement to move only the items on the manifest.

Storing Items

A Manifest for Warehouse Services must be completed and sent WITH the items needed to be stored. The department must have a plan for reuse to have items stored at the 12th Street Warehouse. Larger items such as furniture will only be stored for a maximum of 6 months. An approximate date for reuse MUST be provided. If a large amount of space is needed, please contact Warehouse Services prior to items being moved for space availability.

Retrieving Stored Items

When stored items need to be retrieved from the 12th Street Warehouse, please contact Warehouse Services. Warehouse Services will pull the items out of storage and submit a work order ticket for you.