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Warehouse Services

Managing Inventory, Central Receiving, and Storage

Warehouse Services maintains inventory, department storage, central receiving, asset repurposing and disposal, along with other business-related functions at the 12th Street Warehouse Facility.

Central Receiving


Mailing address format for Central Receiving:

Full Name
Your Dept Name – MSC Box 7xxxxx
1900 12th Street
Lynchburg, VA 24501

(434) 592-3312

Receiving Hours: 7:00am – 4:00pm, Monday through Friday only.

Submit a Manifest

Complete a manifest for any items you are sending to the 12th Street Warehouse and email it to warehousefacilities@liberty.edu along with a small description of the inquiry. Thank You.

Freight Received

  • All freight is checked for outside damage and against the shipping document/packing slip.
  • An email will be sent to any names listed on the documentation or the P0. Included with that email will be a PDF file of all documents received with the shipment. You will be asked to kindly respond to the email letting Warehouse Services know if you plan on picking up the shipment or if you would like Warehouse Services to submit a delivery ticket with Materials Movement to have the shipment delivered.
  • All IT related freight shipments will be delivered to IT Inventory the same day it is received, and it is the responsibility of IT Inventory to inform the recipient.

Freight Shipping

  • For your bulk shipping needs, Warehouse Services has the ability to ship items freight via UPS/FedEx/etc.
  • We have the ability to meet your deadlines and can offer competitive rates with our commercial pricing. Please contact us with any questions you may have, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Ground Packages Received

  • All IT related ground packages will be delivered to IT Inventory the same day it is received, and it’s the responsibility of IT Inventory to inform the recipient.
  • All other ground packages are re-directed to Postal Services the next business day. For any tracking related questions, please contact Postal Services.

Asset Repurpose and Disposal

The Repurpose service maintains an inventory of items that are no longer in use and have been made available for use elsewhere in the university. This includes a wide variety of both office furniture and guest furniture such as desks, office chairs, bookshelves, filing cabinets, sofas, stationary chairs, etc.

Obtaining Repurposed Items

Send an email to warehousefacilities@liberty.edu to schedule an appointment to look at available furniture. An employee will accompany you through the sections of the warehouse that contain reuse inventory. You can also click the link below to see 12th Street Warehouse inventory. Please note: the repurpose online inventory is not live, and the availability of item(s) are subject to change. Items in this inventory are used and may contain defects. To request items in the inventory please fill out the Repurpose Request Form, email it to warehousefacilities@liberty.edu. Warehouse Services will reach out to the requesting department if item(s) are not available at the time of request.

Repurpose Furniture Inventory

Repurpose Request Form

Delivery of Repurposed Items

Once you have picked out the items you would like to use, Warehouse Services will submit a delivery ticket with Materials Movement to have the items picked up from the warehouse and delivered to you. If you prefer, you may also take the items with you when you leave.

Asset Disposal

Asset Disposal is a service that focuses on moving long-term items that have served their purpose with Liberty University. With this service, we can sell these moved items on GovDeals and also to Liberty University Employees.

Furniture/Items for Sale

Any furniture or items for sale will be sold on the GovDeals website and on the Repurpose Furniture Inventory Dropbox folder labeled “Employee Sales”.  All items in the Dropbox folder are still available for reuse by LU departments until sold.

Employees interested in purchasing items must schedule a time with Warehouse Services to pay for and pick up items at the 12th Street Warehouse. These items cannot be reserved online when making a purchase, prices will be listed in the item description, and all sales are final. If an LU Employee would like to inquire about any items we have available, please contact us and our staff will be happy to answer any of your questions and/or schedule an appointment.

Department Storage

Sending Items

If your department needs items removed from their space and moved to the 12th Street Warehouse, email a completed manifest to warehousefacilities@liberty.edu. Within two business days you will receive an email approving, denying, or requesting more information about the manifest.  Once approved, Warehouse Services will submit a work order to Materials Movement to move only the items on the manifest.

Storing Items

A manifest for Warehouse Services must be completed and sent WITH the items needed to be stored. The department must have a plan for reuse to have items stored at the 12th Street Warehouse. Larger items such as furniture will only be stored for a maximum of 6 months. An approximate date for reuse MUST be provided. If a large amount of space is needed, please contact Warehouse Services prior to items being moved for space availability.

Submit a Manifest

Retrieving Stored Items

When stored items need to be retrieved from the 12th Street Warehouse, please contact Warehouse Services and the items will be pulled out of storage and work ticket will be submitted.

Inventory Control

BuyLU Order Information

In order to browse University Inventory, you will need access to BuyLU.

If a BuyLU order needs to be sent somewhere other than to the requester via Intercampus Mail, be sure to ADD an external note to supplier detailing where the shipment needs to be sent and the time frame of arrival.

Adding “External Notes” to a BuyLU Order

From the “Checkout Screen” click “External Notes and Attachments” under “Requisitions” on the left-hand side of the screen. Once on the “External Notes and Attachments” screen, click “edit” on the right-hand side of the screen across from the “Note to all Suppliers” field and the “External Info” pop-up window will appear. Type your information in the text box next to “Note to all Suppliers” field and “Save.”

Sign in to BuyLU to access below:

Branded Inventory  Branded Surplus


Ronnie Young

Executive Director, Campus Logistics

Spencer Mather

Director, Warehouse Services

Daniel Harms

Warehouse Manager, Operations

Da' Kari ScottDa’ Kari Scott

Warehouse Manager,
Inventory Control



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