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Transfer Student Admissions

Transfer Students

Transfer to Liberty

Are you considering transferring colleges? Whether you have recently completed your associate’s degree, are a dual-enrolled high school student, or have credits from multiple schools, we are here to meet your needs as a transfer student to Liberty University. We will provide you with clear and flexible options on how to successfully transfer and complete your undergraduate degree regardless of your goals and background as a transfer student.

  • Step 1: Unofficial Transfer Consultation

    Through the Unofficial Transfer Consultation, we will give you a general idea of what to expect regarding the application of your transfer credits to your chosen degree program before you even submit an application. This will determine how many courses you may satisfy and roughly how many courses you may still need in order to finish your chosen degree program.

    Official Evaluation

    An official evaluation of transfer credits will be provided once you have been accepted to Liberty and have submitted official transcripts from all institutions attended. If you have been accepted to Liberty for a future term and want to know how the credits you plan to take at your current school will transfer, check out our Transfer Calculator.

  • Step 2: Apply for Transfer Admissions

    Liberty has a rolling admissions process, meaning you can apply at any time. Submit your online application or contact an Admissions Counselor at (800) 543-5317 to submit your application over the phone.

  • Step 3: Submit Transcripts & Documents

    In order to evaluate your credits, we must have official transcripts from every college or university you have attended. Please complete the Transcript Request Form and send it to your current or previous school(s). Transcripts must be sent directly from the school(s) to Liberty University in order to be considered official.

    Other Documents to Submit:

    To be considered for acceptance, please submit the following documents according to your current status:

    • If you are applying as a dual-enrolled high school student:
      • Submit high school transcripts
      • Submit SAT/ACT/CLT scores*
      • Submit admission essay
      • College transcripts not required for an admission decision
    • If you are under 22-years-old and transferring without an associate's degree:
      • Submit college transcripts
      • Submit high school transcripts
      • Submit SAT/ACT/CLT scores*
      • Submit admission essay
    • If you are 22 or older transferring without an associate degree:
      • Submit college transcripts
      • Submit high school transcripts
      • Submit admission essay
      • No SAT/ACT/CLT scores are required
    • If you are transferring with an associate degree:
      • Submit college transcripts
      • Submit admission essay
      • No high school transcripts are required
      • No SAT/ACT/CLT scores are required

    *The test score requirement is waived for students with 25+ transferable college credits.

  • Step 4: Plan your degree

    After your transcripts have been evaluated, we will email you a copy of the evaluation. The evaluation will show how the courses you have taken are transferring to Liberty University.

    Utilize the Degree Completion Plan for your major. However, only a professional advisor can confirm your degree completion timeline.

    Transfer Evaluation Inquiry Form

    If you are certain that a course you have taken is equivalent to a course in the Liberty University course catalog, consider submitting the Transfer Evaluation Inquiry Form. Make sure to review the guidelines and instructions before completing the form.


Course Transfer Requirements

We expect you to be in good standing with your previous school with at least a 2.0 GPA when you transfer. Your Liberty University GPA will not be affected by any GPA received at another school. 

Find Out How Your Courses Will Transfer to Liberty

Transfer Agreements

Liberty has developed transfer agreements with the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) and North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) that include equivalency guides which guarantee the transfer of courses from participating colleges.


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