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Unaccredited Institutions Approved for Transfer**


  • Amherst County Bible Institute

  • Bethany College of Missions

  • Calvary Chapel Bible College (Murrieta,CA and extension campuses only; affiliate campuses are not approved)

  • Coastland University

  • Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute (UG religion courses only)

  • Gateway College of Evangelism (only courses taken prior to August 2012)

  • Greek Bible College (formerly Greek Bible Institute)

  • Kansas City College and Bible School

  • New Tribes Bible Institute

  • Southeastern Free Will Baptist College (UG religion courses only)

  • Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College (UG religion courses only)

  • Trinity College of the Bible & Seminary (religion courses only)

  • West Coast Baptist College  (BI 101 and BI 102 only)

  • Willmington School of the Bible (Liberty Bible Institute)

  • Word of Life Hungary

  • Word of Life Argentina

  • Word of Life Philippines