Praxis - Testing Information

FRESHMAN YEARPraxis Core Math/Praxis I Math section should be taken for all education candidates: Elementary, Special Education, and Secondary Candidates. However, you may be exempt from taking the test if your SAT/ ACT scores are high enough (see information below.)

The Praxis Core Math/Praxis I is a test created by ETS (Educational Testing Service) and may be taken at any Prometrics Center in the nation. You may find out more information about the Praxis Core/Praxis I at If you have a documented disability and think you may need special accommodations to complete the test, please see the resources and / or contact the Liberty University ODAS (Office of Disability and Academic Services) at for more information.


How Do I Register for the Test?


As stated above, you may take Praxis Core Math/Praxis I at any Prometrics Center in the nation but if you would like to take it in Lynchburg, Va. contact:

Prometric Testing Center – 8116 Timberlake Road, Lynchburg VA  
(434) 832-0778 or (434) 832-1000

What are the Scores I Need?


As stated above, you must obtain at least a probationary Praxis I/Praxis Core math score BEFORE registration into EDUC 225/226 or 235/236. 


Test Passing Score Probation Score Effective Date*
Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators:  Mathematics (5732) 150 145

*If taken on or after Jan. 1, 2014.

Praxis I:  Math 178 172

*If taken on or prior to Dec. 31, 2013.



Where Can I Go for Study Resources?


Comparative SAT/ACT Exemption Scores:


The following SAT or ACT scores may substitute for Praxis I only:


Test Passing Score
SAT - Mathematics (taken April 1, 1995 - Feb. 29, 2016) 530
SAT - Mathematics (taken prior April 1, 1995) 510
SAT - Mathematics (taken after March 1, 2016) 560
ACT - Mathematics (taken after April 1, 1995) 22
ACT - Mathematics (taken prior April 1, 1995) 21


NOTE: If a candidate uses SAT or ACT substitution scores, he/she does NOT need a scanned hardcopy of the SAT/ACT scores for the Gate 2 Livetext application if Liberty has record of these in the Registrar's Office.)