Gate Timeline

Gate 1: Admission into the Education Program.

Complete Background Check (including Criminal Background, FBI Fingerprinting and Virginia Child Abuse) through the American Data Bank (ADB).

Complete 9-15 credit hours, including courses that require field experiences and intensives. Begin completing all content competency courses if you are in the elementary or secondary programs.

Review your Field Experience Summary (FES) form to ensure that you are completing placements in appropriate settings.

Complete Gate 2 Application in Livetext after completing 9-15 credits.

Gate 2: Application for Candidacy.

Register for and complete licensure tests (i.e. VCLA, Praxis II, RVE, etc.). Complete all content competency courses, if you are in the elementary or secondary programs.

Complete all other coursework, except for courses completed between Gate 3 deadline and placement and approved courses to be completed with placement.

Gate 3: Application for Student Teaching/Internship.

Complete Gate 3 application by appropriate deadline.

Placement requests sent.

Wait for placement confirmation. Check LiveText for placement confirmations. Some school districts do not confirm until closer to placement start date.

You will be registered for your student teaching/internship course once registration opens for your placement semester.

Gate 4: Checklist for Program Completion.

Complete Gate 4 licensure paperwork through your student teaching/internship course.