Educational Leadership Preparation Programs

Building-level and District-level


  • Current state teaching licensure required: elementary, middle grades, secondary or special education
  • Three years of full-time contractual teaching experience required (may be acquired during M.Ed. program)
    • Must have at least one year of full-time contractual teaching experience prior to internship
  • Intensives: EDUC 641, 645, and a third elective intensive as indicated by the Degree Completion Plan; three intensives total are required.
  • Field experiences and internship
  • Licensure Tests (passing scores PRIOR to applying for Gate 3*)
  • Virginia candidates for preK-12 principal or assistant principal must pass the SLLA with a minimum score of 163. If the Va. candidate does not pass the SLLA, the candidate will still have the option to apply for the Va. Central Office license at the end of Liberty’s licensure program.
    • Out-of-state candidates are to pass their own state’s designated licensure exam. If their state does not have a licensure exam, they must meet the Virginia passing scores on the SLLA.

*Note: Passing SLLA scores at Gate 3 are preferred. However, students are allowed to submit a registration receipt for the SLLA with test date up to two months after the Gate 3 Application initial submission deadline for probationary status. Register at