Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language (B.A.)

Residential Program

A major in teaching English as a second language will provide students with a theoretical and practical understanding of second language acquisition and teaching methods and materials. Students will also learn about the syntax and phonology of the major languages of the world and develop solutions to various cross-cultural and cross-linguistic problems involved in oral and written communications.

Biology student

Academic Information


Sampling of program courses:

  • Advanced Expository Writing: ENGL 350
  • History of the English Language: ENGL 364
  • World Languages: LING 453
  • Issues/Practices in TES/FL: TESL 405

Program of study

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Students with prior language study are encouraged to consider CLEP for lower level language credits.

Career Opportunities

  • Business
  • Civil Services
  • Graduate School
  • Ministry
  • Translation
  • Teaching
  • Writing
  • Tutor