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Is CSER a graduation requirement?

All residential undergraduate students are required to earn one CSER credit for each fall and spring semester they are enrolled full-time, up to a maximum of eight semesters.

How do I register for or drop a CSER?

For steps to register or drop a CSER, please visit our Tutorials page.

How do I get a new organization or church approved for CSER?

See our Request a New Organization page for instructions.

Why do I need a CSER supervisor and how do I find one?

You will need a CSER supervisor to validate your service hours and complete an evaluation for you.  If you have found a location to serve with you will need someone from the organization, a staff member, or someone in a leadership capacity, to serve as your CSER supervisor.  You will need their name, number, and email to complete your registration.  If you have trouble finding a supervisor, the best policy is to call or email the organization to let them know you would like to volunteer with them and ask who their volunteer coordinator is or who can assist you by verifying your service hours.

How many CSER credits can I volunteer in a single term?

There is no limit to the amount of CSER credits a student can earn in a single term. The only restriction is that a student cannot earn more than two CSER credits (minimum 40 hours) with one organization in a single term. For example, a student could earn two CSER credits with “Organization A” and earn another CSER credit (minimum 20 hours) with “Organization B”, thereby fulfilling three CSER credits in a single term.

How do I get a double CSER approved?

Students may serve up to 40 hours with one organization in the same CSER term. You will need to verify that your supervisor can provide you 40 hours when you submit your registration. You will log all 40 hours on the same evaluation to indicate you are requesting a double CSER.

Can I complete CSER during the winter and summer terms?

While CSER is not required for the winter and summer terms, students have the option to complete CSER either to make up missed CSER credits or to work ahead on future CSER requirements.

What do I do if my supervisor never received a CSER Dashboard email?

Please allow 24 hours for your supervisor to be notified regarding pending registration/evaluation tasks. If the status is “Pending Supervisor Contract,” verify that the email address is correct. If your supervisor has not received an email after 24 hours, verify with your supervisor that the automated emails were not redirected to a spam or clutter folder. If your supervisor never received an email, please contact our office to resolve the issue.

Why did I receive an F for CSER?

Some common reasons could be that you have not yet logged your service hours, completed the student evaluation, or received your supervisor’s evaluation. When your supervisor does complete the evaluation, LU Serve will replace the F with the grade assigned by your supervisor.

How many CSERs do I need or have left to complete?

Students are required to complete one CSER credit per full-time residential semester, up to eight semesters. You can view your progress on the CSER Dashboard or your DCP. If you are unsure of your status, you may request a CSER History Report via email.

I live off campus, am I still required to complete CSER?

A student’s residential status is not determined by whether they live off campus but by their degree program. Every undergraduate student enrolled in a residential degree program is required to complete one CSER credit for every full-time semester up to eight semesters.

I completed CSER in a past term but forgot to log it. Can I submit a past registration?

Yes! You can retroactively submit CSER registrations for past terms. Select the term in which you completed your hours and contact your supervisor to let them know you are submitting a past registration. Since this is one of your official academic records, you must be able to document your service hours with your supervisor accurately. Entering 20 hours on one day is not authorized.

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