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How do I register for or drop a CSER?

For steps to register or drop a CSER, please visit our instructions page.

How do I get a new organization or church approved for CSER?

See our 279-001 Church Extension page for churches or our 399-001 Special Projects page for non-profit organizations.

Why did I receive an F for CSER?

A common reason this occurs is if you have not yet logged your service hours, completed the student reflection, or received your supervisor’s evaluation then you may receive an F if the submission deadline passes because your CSER is not complete.  Complete your evaluation form and the LU Serve Office will replace the F with the grade your supervisor assigns to you.

How do I get a double CSER approved?

Students may serve up to 40 hours within one CSER term with the same organization.  You will request a double after you have completed your registration, so just verify with your supervisor that they can provide you 40 hours when you submit your registration.  When you log your hours and complete the student reflection, log 40 hours and indicate that you are requesting a double.

Why do I need a CSER supervisor and how do I find one?

You will need a CSER supervisor to validate your service hours and complete an evaluation for you.  If you have found a location to serve with you will need someone from the organization, a staff member or someone in a leadership capacity, to serve as your CSER supervisor.  You will need their name, number, and email to complete your registration.  If you have trouble finding a supervisor, the best policy is to call or email the organization to let them know you would like to volunteer with them and ask who their volunteer coordinator is or who can assist you by verifying your service hours.

How many CSERs do I need or have left to complete?

Students are required to complete one CSER credit per full-time residential semester, up to eight semesters.  If you are unsure of your status, you may request a CSER History Report via email.