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CAEP Annual Reporting Measures

Annual Reporting Measures

The following reporting measures give a snapshot of Liberty University’s School of Education program impact and its outcomes from the 2020-21 academic year.
Source of measures:

  • Recent alumni and employer surveys from graduates in our initial and advanced licensure programs.
  • Institutional and national data.

Measure 1 (Initial): Completer effectiveness and Impact on P-12 learning and development (Component R4.1)

CAEP R4.1a

Completer Effectiveness (contribute to student learning growth):

Impact Study:

This impact study was designed to address CAEP indicators R4.1, which emphasizes the use of multiple state-supported impact measures related to expected levels of student growth (R4.1a) and using validated observation instruments to determine whether program completers effectively apply the professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions that the preparation experiences were designed to achieve (R4.1b).

Completer participants are recruited for the study each year who are actively teaching full time in K-12 schools. For the 2020-2021 academic year, six completers agreed to participate in the Impact Study. The six participants were undergraduate program completers with the following licensure areas: 2 elementary education, 2 special education, and 2 secondary education (biology, math).

The completers are asked to collect an assessment they gave to their K-12 students for analysis and reflection. The completers were interviewed regarding their assessment processes which is then transcribed and coded for themes. The coding revealed the following themes to be highlighted as strong, meaning it resulted in high frequency during the coding process.

  • Completers K-12 students demonstrated learning growth as a result of their instruction.
  • Completers created or adapted future assignments based on assessment data.
  • Completers considered needs of exceptional students on assessments results.
  • Completers used assessment data to identify students and deliver remediation.

CAEP R4.1b

Completer Effectiveness (apply skills in P-12 classrooms that preparation experiences were designed to achieve):

Impact Study Results: K-12 Student Surveys (N=2 teachers, 22 K-12 students)

  • 100% of K-12 students provided the highest rating of strongly agreed that their teacher shows respect to all students.
  •  95% of K-12 students provided the highest rating of strongly agreed that their teachers were knowledgeable about his/her subject area.

LU Graduate Impact Study 2021, case study of first year teachers.

Conclusions: LU School of Education (SOE) completers demonstrated proficiency in their ability to effectively plan lessons, deliver instruction, and assess their students to analyze learning growth according to the SOE Impact Study.

Measure 2. (Initial and/or Advanced): Satisfaction of employers and stakeholder involvement (Components R4.2|R5.3 | RA.4.1)

Measure 3 (Initial and/or Advanced): Candidate competency at program completion (Component R3.3 |RA3.4)

Measure 4 (Initial and/or Advanced): Ability of completers to be hired in education positions for which they have prepared.

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