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Description and Purpose of LiveText

LiveText is a web-based subscription that allows for:

  • The creation and submission of projects and assignments online
  • The creation and long-term storage of electronic portfolios, projects, and documents
  • The storage of documents so that they are accessible to you from any computer in the world
  • The creation of your student teaching or internship portfolio by easily linking to previous course assignments already in LiveText
  • The revision of your portfolio by clicking the “copy” button and customizing it for your prospective employer to view
  • Collaboration with other LiveText users worldwide (share/edit documents, but only at your discretion and with access that you grant)
  • The creation of web pages that can be shared with anyone you choose to grant access to
  • Faculty to use rubrics in order to assess a candidate’s work and give feedback
  • The School of Education to collect and aggregate data for program evaluation and improvement
  • The School of Education to develop and analyze reports for accreditation purposes based on the aggregate data

Who needs LiveText?

LiveText is required in for candidates pursuing a Virginia state-approved, licensure program, and enrolled in one of the following degrees:

  • B.S. in Education – Integrated Studies
  • B.Ed. in Elementary Education
  • B.Ed. in Special Education
  • B.Ed. in Middle Education – English
  • B.Ed. in Middle Education – Mathematics
  • B.Ed. in Middle Education – Science
  • B.Ed. in Middle Education – Social Science
  • M.A.T. in Elementary Education
  • M.A.T. in Middle Grades Education
  • M.A.T. in Secondary Education
  • M.A.T. in Special Education
  • M.Ed. Reading Specialist
  • M.Ed. Math Specialist
  • M.Ed. Administration & Supervision
  • M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction – Gifted Education
  • M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction – Early Childhood Education.  
  • Any Ed.S./Ed.D. candidate seeking an optional licensure endorsement

All LiveText assignments must be submitted to BlackBoard and LiveText in order to receive credit.

Privacy Statement

LiveText is a private, secure website. It is not a public network. You are the sole owner of your LiveText subscription, which is completely password protected by you. The only individuals who may view your work are those to whom you grant access to by performing the following actions: clicking the “Submit” button to permit access for a specific instructor to grade your work; clicking the “Share” button to permit specific instructors or other selected students to see your work; or creating a visitor passcode to one particular assignment that you would like to share with selected individuals (even non-LiveText users).

Note: It is recommended that you click “Copy” in the edit mode of your student teaching/internship portfolio in order to easily create a customized portfolio for a potential employer. Before creating the visitor passcode to your customized portfolio, you may delete or add whatever you would like, customizing it for the individual.

Purchasing and Registering a LiveText Account

  • Purchasing:
    • Candidates should purchase the LiveText Membership – Field Experience Edition
      • Purchase Membership Key Code through the Liberty University Bookstore, OR
      • Purchase directly through LiveText by clicking Purchase Membership.
  • Registering:
    • Go to LiveText.
    • Click Register Membership
      • Select Liberty University as your institution.
      • Use your Liberty University email address.
      • Use your 8-digit Liberty University student ID (be sure to include the “L” and “0” [zeros] at the beginning of your 8-digit student ID); you can obtain your official 8-digit Liberty University student ID in your account in ASIST.
    • If you purchased a LiveText membership during or after July 2018, your subscription will be valid for 7 years. Candidates who purchased LiveText prior to July 2018 received a 5 year subscription.

User Guides

To access Guides, click on the applicable link below, log in, click the “Help” link in the upper right-hand corner, and click the appropriate tab (“For Students” or “For Faculty”).

Candidate: Candidates will use LiveText to submit specific assignments to your instructor for review and assessment. Candidates are only required to submit in LiveText those assignments that the instructor specifies as a LiveText assignment.

University Faculty: Faculty members will use LiveText to distribute and gather candidates’ benchmark assignments, assess those assignments, and associate candidates’ work with professional standards. Using LiveText allows the School of Education to aggregate data on its programs.


It is recommended to use Firefox in order to optimize LiveText functionality. Please be certain that the pop-up blocker is disabled/turned off in order to avoid issues with expanded rubrics and attachment features. For further technical support, please see the LiveText contact options.