General Education Guidelines

The general education component is tailored to the individual degree program by drawing from the university’s approved general education course options. The institution requires in each undergraduate degree program the successful completion of a general education component at the collegiate level that:

  1. Is a substantial component of each undergraduate degree
  2. Ensures breadth of knowledge
  3. Is based on a coherent rationale

For degree completion in associate programs, the component constitutes a minimum of 15 semester hours or the equivalent.  For baccalaureate programs, the component constitutes a minimum of 30 semester hours or the equivalent. These credit hours must include at least one course from each of the following areas.

  1. Humanities/fine arts (HFA)
  2. Social/behavioral sciences (SBS)
  3. Natural science/mathematics (NSM)

A complete listing of approved courses is displayed in Approved Residential General Education and Integrative Courses and Approved General Education Courses for Online Programs. The courses do not narrowly focus on those skills, techniques, and procedures specific to a particular occupation or profession. The institution provides a written justification and rationale for course equivalency.

Rules/Principles for Approval of General Education Courses

  1. Required General Education courses must be general
    • General education courses must be open to students of all majors, without heavy loads of prerequisite requirements.
    • Courses must not be reducible to a narrow or focused skill (e.g.., guitar lessons cannot substitute for Music Appreciation).
    • Courses must contribute to preparing students for a breadth of degree programs/careers.
  2. General Education courses contribute to the university’s plan to ensure that students satisfy certain Core Competencies.

In the event that a 300 or 400 level course is required to fulfill a requirement as a general education course, it must not be considered part of any major/program requirements (foundational courses are acceptable, however).

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