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Prepare For Your Career

Freshman year to graduation – the Career Center can help you prepare for your future every step of the way. From career assessments to resume and portfolio help to mock interviews, the Career Center staff and career coaches will help you present yourself to employers as a competent individual ready for the professional world.

  • Freshman Year - Explore Your Options

    Career Center
    Visit the Career Center and get to know the staff.

    Career Assessment
    Take the Focus 2 Career Assessment to evaluate your personality, skills, interests and values and how that affects your major and career path. Meet with your Career Coach to discuss your career assessment results, solidify your major, and develop career goals. Career Coaches are able to do phone appointments with online students.

    Attend Career Center workshops to learn to write a resume, interview for a job, and other professional development skills. 

    Explore your interests, talents, and skills through academics and activities, including volunteer opportunities, part-time work, or clubs and student organizations on campus.

    Attend a Resume Writing Workshop to begin working on your resume.

    Work on Your Skills
    Begin developing marketable skills, such as time management, customer service, communication, and computer skills.

    Summer Job
    Plan a productive summer with a job or volunteer position that will help develop further professional skills to help solidify your career interests.

  • Sophomore Year - Increase Your Marketability

    Make a Plan
    Meet with your CASAS Professional Advisor to create an academic plan. If you are undecided, think about courses that will complement your general career goals.

    Leadership Experience
    Pursue leadership positions in clubs, organizations, and hall leadership to develop your management and leadership skills.

    Research Your Interests
    Begin researching companies and job choices and identify the skills and qualifications required for positions that interest you. Google, Glassdoor and Linkedin are great places to start. 

    Start building a network of colleagues, faculty, and prospective employers.

    Informational Interviews
    Ask companies and employers about their positions, qualifications and skills, and what it took to get to where they are now.

    Resume Critique
    Have the Career Center critique your resume and cover letter as you begin researching internship and job shadowing opportunities.

    Sign up for Handshake and research internship and job opportunities. Attend Career Fairs to start making connections and gathering resources for potential jobs.

    Volunteer Work
    Pursue Christian service, volunteer, organization and club opportunities to help explore your interests and skills to determine what areas apply most to your career.

  • Junior Year - Get Connected

    Cover Letter & Resume
    Update and refine your resume and cover letter and sign up for a mock interview to help develop your interview skills.

    Career Fairs
    Attend Career Fairs, employer information sessions, workshops, and other events to continue building your network and make connections for future employment opportunities.

    Participate in an internship to gain valuable hands-on experience toward your career goals. Choose service and volunteer opportunities that align with your career goals.

    Establish a portfolio of writing samples, projects, and examples of your work to show in a job interview. Ask former employers for references or letters of recommendation.

    Research Your Interests
    Continue to research industries and specific employers that are of interest. Build and maintain relationships with faculty, staff, and business leaders. Job shadow people with positions you aspire to. Research your field and whether or not any special certifications, qualifications or graduate degrees are required. Consider graduate school and research programs, as well as entrance requirements.

    Leadership Experience
    Seek positions of leadership and management, whether in volunteer situations or work opportunities.

    Add a Minor or Electives
    Select electives to round out your academic program. Consider adding a minor or taking classes that will help you acquire additional knowledge.

  • Senior Year - The Job Search

    Cover Letter & Resume
    Update your cover letter and resume and post it on Handshake. Begin sending out resumes before graduation and continue to follow up with employers to secure interviews.

    Professional Interview Attire
    Get at least one professional interview outfit. Look your best as you attend Career Fairs and employer events and don’t miss an opportunity to network.

    Ready for the interview? Do your homework. Research the companies you’re applying to and be ready for the interview. Schedule a mock interview in the Career Center and let us help prepare you for the tough questions.

    Maintain quality relationships with advisors, faculty, and mentors to establish good references. Ask previous employers and professional contacts for letters of recommendation.

    Applications & Exams
    Begin submitting graduate school applications and take any entrance exams required. Most application deadlines are nine months to more than a year prior to when you plan to begin.

    Get started on developing a professional profile on LinkedIn. Research professional organizations, business networking groups.

    Make follow-up calls and appointments for every resume and application you submit. Don’t wait for them to call you. Be persistent, but not annoying.

    Search Job Postings
    Consistently search job postings, and reach out to your LinkedIn connections and LU alumni. Develop a prospect list of employers with names and addresses so you can keep track of contacts who may help you find opportunities.



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