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Resumes & Portfolios

Resumes and Portfolios


Your resume serves as the first impression you make in your job search. You may submit your resume, cover letter, and Curriculum Vitae (CV) for free critiquing by our professional staff.

We look for ways to improve spelling, grammar, formatting, and phraseology.

Our staff will also compare your resume to the job description of the position you are applying for. They will offer you tips on how to best customize it for that specific position.



Regardless of your field, a physical or online portfolio can show off your talent and highlight your key accomplishments. Employers are looking for experience and a portfolio can demonstrate your skill in a practical way.

A Portfolio Can Include:

  • Business Plans
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Press Releases
  • Successful Projects
  • Impressive Speeches
  • Notable Facts and Figures

Why You Should Have a Portfolio

  • Showing a future employer what you are capable of is better than just telling 
  • Updating your work is simple and your portfolio should include your newest projects
  • Designing job-specific portfolios can be creative and directed toward individual employers. This makes you stand out to a company
  • Tips for a Physical Portfolio

    Set yourself apart and make your own portfolio:

    What to Include

    • Samples of your best work from written copy, ads, graphic art, design, art, photos, projects, presentations, etc.
    • Resume
    • Recommendation letters and references
    • Awards and honors you have received
    • Transcripts, degrees, licenses, or certificates (when appropriate)
    • Military records, awards, or badges (if applicable)


    • Have a professional case to hold your portfolio
    • Use professional quality paper (preferably bright glossy white or professional resume paper)
    • Keep it short, it should be no more than 25 pages
    • Put loose papers in paper protectors
    • Keep it organized and avoid clutter
    • Use dividers to separate sections (you can be extremely creative here)

    Never leave your portfolio. No matter if your interviewer wants to show it to someone else, share a copy or the website to your electronic portfolio


  • Tips for an Online Portfolio

    With an online portfolio, you can easily update material, instantly share your projects, manage your professional image, and market your work to a much larger audience.

    These sites allow you to upload and share your content digitally:

    • Carbonmade - You can manage your online portfolio with a variety of tools that allow you to change how you display your work. The design of Carbonmade allows you to keep your images or videos at the forefront.
    • Tumblr - This blogging platform allows you to create a personal site. You can choose different themes to customize the look.
    • Flickr - Popular photograph hosting site. Allows users to upload photos to personal profile for display.
    • Behance - Members create multi-media portfolios that showcase their work within the Network, as well as throughout partner sites and organizations.

    Domain Name Tips

    In order to stand out, you might want to consider a custom domain name. If you have a blog with Tumblr, your link might be "tumblr.johndoe.com." However, a domain name like "johndoe.com" looks far more professional and is easier to share.

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"In the high pace of what we do in school and in business, there's very little chance that someone is going to achieve mastery on the job if they didn't get there before coming to your workplace. So you've got to have it in the can; not just 'I want to' or 'I wish I' or 'maybe I could,' but 'I've done that'. It's one of the great things about the proof of a portfolio versus the promise of a resume." – Randy Nelson of Pixar



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