Alumni Survey

Liberty University Alumni Findings 2013

Liberty University alumni give high ratings when responding to the questions pertaining to,
"How well you feel your program at Liberty prepared you in these areas."

On a scale of 1-5 (1 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest rating possible):

  • 4.4 – communicating effectively
  • 4.6 – understanding and applying the code of ethics for their chosen profession
  • 4.7 – developing the Biblical Christian world view
  • 4.3 – becoming an effective team member
  • 4.4 - fundamental knowledge of my field
  • 4.2 - understanding current societal issues

Core Questions and Longitudinal Results

Regarding gainful employment:

  • 74% of Alumni indicated they had a job related to their field the first year after they graduated.
  • 79% of Alumni indicated they have a job related to their field of study 2-5 years after they graduated.

Gainful Employment as a Direct Result of Education

Alumni identified the following as the most valuable aspects of their education at Liberty University:

  • Learning to write professionally
  • Incorporating a Biblical Christian worldview into the business industry
  • Experienced professors who genuinely cared for students
  • The Internship and the Life Coaching portion of the degree
  • Being able to interact with persons from around the country and from all walks of life
  • Develop core skills and knowledge that will enable me to work in my current position and grow into the roles I will fill in the future

Education at Liberty University is Valued by Alumni

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