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Athletic Training Student Scholarships are available through the Sports Medicine Department within the Department of Athletics. Scholarships are awarded to athletic training students to help offset the cost of tuition and other school-related expenses. 

Students are rewarded for service to the athletic teams that goes above and beyond what is required to meet ATEP requirements for clinical rotations. This includes team coverage that may be necessary before the start or finish of the semester and into holidays or scheduled academic breaks. Students may also be asked on occasion to perform the services as a First Responder in the absence of the direct supervision of a licensed certified athletic trainer.

Eligibility Requirements

The Sports Medicine Program offers scholarship awards to junior and senior athletic training students who are fully admitted to the Athletic Training Education Program.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  1. Currently be enrolled and fully accepted in the Athletic Training Education Program at Liberty University;
  2. Maintain current certification in CPR/AED training at all times;
  3. Have earned a minimum of a 2.5 overall GPA;
  4. Have a clear/resolved athletic training disciplinary record from the previous semester as determined by the ACI and Head Athletic Trainer;
  5. Plan to pursue a career in athletic training or other sports medicine-related area.

Award Process

The Sports Medicine Department will determine awards, and recipients will be notified when an award has been determined.

  • Scholarships are issued annually and will be divided over two semesters.
  • Each student will be evaluated at the end of each semester to determine continued eligibility for the upcoming term.
  • Any time the standards for eligibility are not maintained the scholarship awarded may be revoked.
  • If at any time during the semester the athletic training student withdraws from or is asked to withdraw from their rotation, becomes suspended from their rotation, is placed on disciplinary probation or does not meet the individual requirements of their rotation as set forth by the ACI, the scholarship may be revoked.
  • Previous awards do not guarantee future awards.
  • All applicants may/may not receive a scholarship award.

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