Graduate School Preparation

Graduate School Preparation

Considering and choosing a graduate school program can be a daunting task. If you are considering furthering your education, start early by asking the following questions:

1.What program/school is right for me?

Choosing a program is the most important part of the process. Consider your career goals and search for a program that can help you achieve them. "Does this program lead me to where I want to be?" is a good question to consider.

Network with those in your desired profession to learn the path they took – there may be alternative programs to consider that you are not aware of. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of the program. Consider faculty, reputation, location, affordability, current student’s perspectives, etc.

2.How do I pay?

Applying for financial assistance can be time consuming and difficult. Start early, research well, and use any resources available to you. Most schools will have a site dedicated to financial aid.

When considering a graduate school, realize that not every graduate program will be financially realistic. Consider a second or third choice if it is more affordable and can allow you similar opportunities.


Contact departments and faculty to inquire about these types of employment opportunities. Working for the school you attend is one of the best ways to afford graduate school.

Financial Aid Resources

3.What is the entrance process?

Investigate schools of interest and set up a calendar of deadlines as an application timeline. Knowing and abiding by the process is essential. Some schools also have lengthy interview processes that you would need to prepare for. The Career Center offers mock interviews that can be very helpful in this area.

See General Entrance Process Guidelines

Outside Resources

Other options and resources

It is more difficult to transfer as a graduate student, so it is ideal to choose the program that you will be able to finish with. If you need assistance in choosing a program, set up an appointment to meet with a career counselor!

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