Content Competencies

6-12 and PreK-12 Endorsements
PreK-12 endorsements include
BOTH elementary AND secondary
*see sample above
Business (6-12) Business Content
Business Equivalency Chart
Computer Science (6-12)

Computer Content

Computer - Equivalency Chart

English (6-12) English Content
English - Equivalency Chart
Family and Consumer Science (6-12)

FACS Content

FACS - Equivalency Chart

Foreign Language (PreK-12)

Foreign Language Content

Foreign Language - Equivalency Chart

Health and Physical Education (PreK-12)
elementary AND secondary

Health-PE Content

Health-PE - Equivalency Chart

Mathematics (6-12) Math Content
Math Equivalency Chart
Music: Choral or Instrumental (PreK-12)
elementary AND secondary

Music Content

Music - Equivalency Chart

Science (6-12) Science Content
Social Studies (6-12) Social Studies Content
Social Studies Equivalency Chart
Teaching English as Sec Lang (PreK-12)
elementary AND secondary

TESL Content

TESL - Equivalency Chart

Theatre Arts (PreK-12)
elementary AND secondary
Visual Arts (PreK-12)
elementary AND secondary