Who Do I Contact?

Any student who believes that he/she has been the subject of sexual harassment, discrimination, or assault in any form should immediately report the incident to the Title IX Office and/or LUPD. Students who would like assistance in contacting local authorities may request such help from campus authorities.

Liberty University strongly encourages reporting of all forms of sexual harassment, discrimination, or assault.  If you are not sure if an incident qualifies as a violation of the Policy on Sexual Harassment, Discrimination or Assault, please contact our Title IX Office or the appropriate Deputy Coordinator:

Nathan Hopkins
Director of Investigations &
Acting Title IX Coordinator
University Title IX Office
(434) 592-4999

Russell Monroe
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Graduate and Online Affairs
(434) 592-6488

Steve Foster
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Human Resources
(434) 592-3345

David Miller
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
School of Law
(434) 592-3396

Linda Mintle, PhD.
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
School of Osteopathic Medicine
(434) 592-7386


For confidential reporting options, please contact:

All Responsible Employees are required to report incidents of sexual harassment, discrimination, or assault to the Title IX Office unless designated as a confidential reporting option.

Liberty University will provide prompt, compassionate and discreet support services to victims. When a student contacts the University’s Title IX Office, he/she will be given the opportunity to make a formal complaint with the Title IX Office. That office will take immediate steps to inquire or investigate a complaint, stop the occurrence of the harassment/violence, protect and prevent reoccurrence, provide support and resources to those affected or involved, and ensure the safety of the campus/community. Both interim measures and reasonable accommodations are available to affected parties. Reporting parties will review a Notification Checklist to ensure that the reporting parties are aware of resources and appropriate accommodations.

Any reporting party may request confidentiality, but will be granted such on the basis at the discretion of the University’s Title IX Office. Inquiries will be made into all reports regardless of location of the incident absent a request for confidentiality.  The grant of a request for confidentiality is a case by case decision in consideration of student/community safety.  Pursuant to Va. Code § 23-9.2:15, in a situation involving sexual violence, a student’s request for confidentiality will be granted at the discretion of the Threat Assessment Team.

Additionally, any student, faculty or staff may contact the Liberty University Police Department (LUPD) or local police for emergencies, questions or concerns regarding an incident of sexual harassment, discrimination, or assault.

LUPD Emergency: (434) 592-3911
LUPD Non-emergency: (434) 592-7641

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