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CSER Course Pathing School of Engineering

Welcome to the CSER course path for the School of Engineering. Below you can find organizations recommended by Engineering faculty uniquely suited for their students. For more information about these organizations or for help registering for CSER, please email cser@liberty.edu.

Freshmen & Sophomore

Freshman and Sophomore engineering students should seek out general ways to serve in the community. Through serving local churches and non-profits, engineering students can familiarize themselves with the needs of the community as well as find projects that suit their passions.

Students can also look for general ways to utilize their technical skills; whether through tutoring in STEM subjects, serving on the Play Production Staff, or doing a service project within one of SGA’s clubs like Habitat for Humanity.

Academic Success Center – CSER 334
Habitat for Humanity Club – CSER 311
Local Churches – CSER 200s**
LU General Math and Science – CSER 399

LU Send – CSER 302
Lynchburg Humane Society – CSER 538
Park View Community Mission – CSER 577

Play Production Staff – CSER 345
Scaremare – CSER 339
SGA Clubs – CSER 311

Junior & Senior

Junior and Senior students are highly encouraged to seek out opportunities where they can employ their technical knowledge to meet real-world needs. Engineering students, working in conjunction with non-profit organizations and faculty, are uniquely positioned to bring tangible solutions to people in need. Through Hope to Walk, engineering students can develop and enhance inexpensive prosthetics for amputees in the developing world. Students can also continue serving as tutors on campus or in local schools; they can participate in a Service-Learning course with a faculty member where they can research a community problem and offer solutions; they can also lead one of SGA’s clubs.

AMTI/Liberty University BioMechatronic EXO-ARM Project – CSER 399
Hope to Walk – CSER 399
Math Club – CSER 399*
Math Help Center – CSER 399
Local Schools– CSER 399*

LU School of Engineering – CSER 341
LU Send – CSER 302
Robotics Clubs – CSER 399*
Service-Learning – CSER 600***
SGA The Gaming Club – CSER 311

Society for Women Engineers – CSER 399*
Special Projects – CSER 399
Team Genesis – CSER 546
Technology and Engineering Club – CSER 399*

* By registering through a Special Project (CSER 399-001), students may request CSER eligibility at non-profit organizations and ministries that are not listed on the Service Opportunities page.

**Students can choose from churches listed on the Service Opportunities page or students may request CSER eligibility through a different church by registering a Church Extension (CSER 279-001).

***Service-Learning CSER opportunities allow you to receive CSER credit through completing coursework in your classes. Browse current opportunities or discuss a new Service-Learning course with your faculty.