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Vacation Policy Updates FAQs

President Prevo has approved a new vacation policy that will impact all eligible Faculty & Staff. Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the new policy.

How many hours of vacation will I have on April 1, 2022?

Length of Service

Current Policy  

New Policy

New Hire 0 days | 0 hrs 15 days | 120 hrs*
6 months 10 days | 80 hrs 15 days | 120 hrs
0-4 years 10 days | 80 hrs 15 days | 120 hrs
5 years 11 days | 88 hrs 15 days | 120 hrs
6 years 12 days | 96 hrs 20 days | 160 hrs
7 years 13 days | 104 hrs 20 days | 160 hrs
8 years 14 days | 112 hrs 20 days | 160 hrs
9 years 15 days | 120 hrs 20 days | 160 hrs
10 years 16 days | 128 hrs 20 days | 160 hrs
11 years 17 days | 136 hrs 25 days | 200 hrs
12 years 18 days | 144 hrs 25 days | 200 hrs
13 years 19 days | 152 hrs 25 days | 200 hrs
14 years 20 days | 160 hrs 25 days | 200 hrs
Rollover days allowed 0 days | 0 hrs 5 days | 40 hrs

*Accrued hours are available after two (2) months of employment.

When will the new vacation hours be available to use?  12 month full time benefited employees will have their new vacation hours loaded into Timesaver the first week of April and will be available to be requested right away.

How can I see/use the new vacation hours?  You will be able to see your vacation balance and request hours the same way you do today in ADP Timesaver.

Why are we being given more vacation? (No such thing as a free lunch!)  This adjustment to Liberty’s vacation policy was made as part of our effort to make Liberty University an employer of choice. An employer of choice is an employer that offers a fantastic work culture and workplace environment that attracts and retains superior employees.

How was the new number of vacation hours determined?  Human Resources conducted a review of the vacation allocation for local organizations as well as universities in the state of Virginia, surrounding states, and larger universities nationwide. The new vacation policy brings the University more in line, or better than, the vacation allocation of comparable organizations.

I’m a faculty member, how does this impact me? 12 month faculty will have the standard vacation balances listed above. 11 month faculty balances will be prorated to 110 hours for standard vacation and 36 hours for each years of service block. 10 month faculty are not eligible for vacation benefits.

I’m currently in my 6 month waiting period. When will I get access to my vacation hours? Under the new vacation policy employees will have the ability to request vacation hours after 2 months of service. Any employee whose currently in the old 6 month waiting period will have the ability to request vacation the first week of April when the new policy goes into effect. For example an employee who would normally in their 4th month of the waiting period as of April 1st will have access to vacation April 1st as the new policy goes into effect.

How soon will my vacation rollover be available in the new year (January 2023)?  Human Resource’s new Workday system will ensure that all rollover vacation hours (up to 40 hours) are available on 01/01/23.

Will the vacation rollover at the end of the year for 40 or less hours be automatic?  Yes, if you have a vacation balance of 40 or less hours as of 12/31, those hours will automatically be rolled into the new calendar year.

Is there a time limit in which I must use my rollover hours?  Yes, rollover hours must be used in year in which you rolled them into. For example, if you roll 40 hours into 2023, you must use those hours in 2023, you cannot roll them into 2024.  When requesting vacation in Workday, it will automatically use the rollover hours first.

What if I forfeited hours at the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022 can I get that time back? Any vacation balance forfeited at the end of 2021 cannot be rolled over into 2022. This policy only affects vacation balances in 2022 and subsequent years.

How does this impact accruals while I had a leave of absence? There is no change to how accruals work if you go out on leave. If you go out on a leave of absence you will not accrue holidays or vacation days.

How does this impact sick leave? Sick time is not impacted at this time. Employees will be able to request their 5 sick days as outlined in the employee handbook.

What will happen if I have more than 40 hours of vacation at the end of the year?  40 hours of vacation time will be automatically rolled into the new calendar year and any vacation hours above 40 hours will be forfeited .

Are there still years of service days?  Yes, years of service days will continue as a “block” amount.  Those employees with 6-10 years of service will have 40 hours automatically accrued service hours as of 01/01 (hours that you do not need to accrue during the year).  Those employees with 11+ years of service will have 80 hours of automatically accrued service hours as of 01/01.

When do I get my years of service time? Currently employees get years of service time in the year that they have their 5th LU work anniversary. That means an employee who was hired on July 1, 2017 will have their 5th LU work anniversary on July 1, 2022 and would have received an extra vacation day in January of 2022 when time off balances were loaded into Timesaver. Under the new policy, years of service time is granted at the beginning of the 6th & 11th years, after the respective 5th & 10th years anniversary. Under the new policy an employee hired on July 1, 2017 will have their 5th LU work anniversary of July 1, 2022. On the beginning of their 6th year of employment, 2023 they would receive 40 extra hours of vacation.

Can I use unearned vacation hours in 2022? How does this change in January 1, of 2023? The first 120 hours of vacation time are accrued over the course of the year (at an approximate rate of 10.9 hours per month). Years of service time are not accrued but rather front loaded at the beginning of the year. Our current time & absence system (ADP Timesaver) does not show employees the time they’ve accrued but rather displays the total value that the employee will accrue over that calendar year. Employees will be able to request any balance that has been loaded into Timesaver. If an employee leaves the University and has used more vacation than they’ve accrued they may end up owing. Effective 01/01/23, employees may only utilize vacation they have already accrued and will not be able to carry a negative balance. Workday’s time & absence module will allow employees to see their actual balance. This may result in having zero vacation hours available in January 2023 or a reduced amount of available vacation hours at the beginning of the year.  Employees will need to manage their rollover hours to ensure they have vacation time available to take time off at the beginning of the year.

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