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Graduate Student Assistants


Who can be a Graduate Student Assistant (GSA)?

In keeping with our mission to train champions for Christ, we select graduate students for our GSA program who are committed to Christ, their academic studies, and their own professional and spiritual development.


What is a GSA?

GSA’s are all master’s and doctoral level students who serve in academic support roles across various university departments.


What is a Teaching Assistant (TA) and Teaching Fellow (TF)?

  • A TA is a Ph.D./doctoral level GSA.
  • A TF is a Ph.D./doctoral level GSA who has completed a minimum of half the number of credits for their doctoral program.


Responsibilities and Compensation

  • On average, GSAs work twenty hours per week in their assigned academic department.
  • Although job responsibilities vary by department, all GSA positions serve as academic support in undergraduate courses and some serve on the graduate level.
  • Each GSA is awarded a tuition scholarship equivalent to a full-time course load in their respective degree. Eighteen credit hours are given per academic year (9-credit hours in the fall and 9-credit hours in the spring).
  • GSAs will also receive a stipend for each semester contracted.


Qualifications and Requirements

  • GSAs are required to be fully admitted into a graduate program at Liberty University as a full-time graduate student each semester.
  • Graduate Student Assistants must maintain at a 3.0 GPA or higher. Those with lower GPAs will be placed on academic probation and must raise their GPA the next semester.
  • Contracts are generally for fall and spring semesters although some may include summer pending the graduate school dean’s approval.
  • GSA positions are reviewed annually and departments will offer contract renewal based on need and GSA performance.


How do I apply?

  1. Become fully admitted into your Liberty University Graduate Program.
  2. Choose your department of interest (preferably in the school or department where you’ve been accepted).
  3. Inquire about openings with the appropriate department GSA liaison to obtain the link to the application. Submit the application.
  4. Allow approximately one to two business weeks after submitting your application before following through with your department’s GSA liaison.


GSA Certificate of University Teaching

GSAs are eligible to earn a Certificate of University Teaching.

For more information, log into the FCC_GSAS Blackboard group, or stop by the Center for Teaching Excellent office, DeMoss Hall 3014.

Email us for more information: graduateassistantship@liberty.edu