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Join the front line and fulfill your God-ordained task to be a fisher of men. The Center for Youth Ministries (CYM) strategically recruits, practically equips, and biblically challenges students called to youth work in both the local church and youth organizations.

Passionate Teaching

Youth ministry education through the Rawlings School of Divinity is not just a curriculum or class but is characterized by an enthusiasm that matches our burden for adolescents.

Through the CYM, you’ll get the practical preparation and mentoring you need to graduate “ministry-ready” so you can be effective with youth.

Dynamic Training

As a Youth Ministry student, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in three types of interactive training:

  • Faculty and pastoral mentoring
  • Small group interaction with other students. This includes Connect, an event that gives you the opportunity to learn more about CYM.
  • Ministry internships with seasoned ministries, experienced youth leaders, and teenagers