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YouthQuest FAQs

YouthQuest: Frequently Asked Questions

What does a typical YouthQuest weekend event look like?

The weekend starts with a high energy session on Friday night, that continues into two Saturday sessions. After each session the students break into small groups, with YouthQuest members praying over them and standing ready to lead or assist in leading small groups, depending on the needs of your church.

On Saturday, our team is excited to teach Breakouts, focused learning times that look at what the Bible says about issues students face today and how we are called to respond to them. Our team also offers rec time, where students play games that help connect them with each other and their leaders.

The time outside of those things is extremely flexible to the needs of the church, many use it to do service projects and exciting activities, or give students free time to grow in relationship with their peers and leaders.

What does a typical YouthQuest Worship Session look like?

Our worship sessions are times where our team comes together to create an environment of worship where students and leaders can laugh and see impactful skits with our Host team, spend time singing in praise to God with our Worship Team, and learn foundational truths from God’s word with our Discipleship Team.

How can I join YouthQuest?

YouthQuest auditions are open to any graduating high school senior and current residential student at Liberty University. Joining the team is a multi-step audition process where YouthQuest leadership looks for members who are passionate about the Gospel and sharing it with students and who are skilled in their areas of specialty as they audition for a place on the team.

If you are interested in joining YouthQuest, find out more about joining the team. Also, you can check our Facebook and Instagram for updates on our initial in-person interviews in the fall!

Is YouthQuest specific to a certain denomination?

We love the opportunity to do ministry with any Bible-believing evangelical church. YouthQuest holds to the same values as Liberty University, which is associated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

How much does it cost to partner with YouthQuest for an event?

Our booking costs vary depending on travel distance and overhead costs. In addition to YouthQuest’s booking cost, host churches have the responsibility of providing all facilities and meals for the event as well as any other incidental costs. In order to pursue booking an event with us and get a quote, please follow the link below.

Weekend Events   One Day Events

Can I combine with other churches for a YouthQuest event?

We absolutely encourage churches to combine together for events. We believe that when churches come together for a weekend conference event that it allows for a greater Gospel impact to a larger number of students, for church leaders and volunteers to join in community with those from different churches, to create a bigger network in each local community, and to lightening the financial cost on each church by sharing the load together.

Why do we encourage small groups?

Small groups are used in many different ministry settings and are one of the most effective ways for students to take what they’ve learned and apply it to their lives. This time of digging deeper provides students with a safe space to ask hard questions and gain life-changing insight through meaningful conversation with their peers and leaders.

What is improv?

Improv is a hilarious time of on the spot acting where actors from our Host Team come together to play funny games with ideas from the audience to create laughable scenes and sketches. YouthQuest uses improv because it brings joy to students who may otherwise not feel joyful. This joy can break down barriers allowing the Gospel to reach places in the lives of students that it may not have touched before.

What are Breakouts?

Breakouts are short, targeted teaching times that speak to the issues students face today. Developed by members of our Discipleship team, breakouts provide an opportunity for students to learn what the Bible says about something they care about and how God has called them to respond in those situations.

Does your team do one night events/school assemblies?

YouthQuest is available to do one night events and assemblies on a case by case basis. If you are interested in booking YouthQuest for a one-night event, please reach out to our Director, Josh Mains at youthquest@liberty.edu.


Contact Josh Mains at youthquest@liberty.edu if you have any additional questions.