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Living an Abundant Life


By: Zac Sicher

February 13, 2020

Valentine’s Day. It’s a day full of love, joy, and happiness, for those in relationships. For us single people, it’s a day where we can save some money. Ahhh, the perks of single life! Wherever you fall on the spectrum, I want to encourage you with a way to live a full, and abundant life like Jesus talked about, by managing your finances well.

As college students, we often don’t have much money, so spending a lot on a Valentine’s Day date can be tough, it even makes the date a little less fun when you know how much it hurts your bank account. Thankfully, I have some advice for you……

Create metaphorical buckets when you get a paycheck where you place a portion of your paycheck into each bucket. For example, if you make $100 in one paycheck, put $10 in your “tithe” bucket. Then take another $10 and put it into your “emergency fund”. Put $40 in your “car payment bucket,” and finally, put the last $40 in your “date” bucket.

If you put your money in buckets, then you’ll be able to live an abundant life in freedom because when you spend the money on Valentine’s Day that’s in your date bucket, you realize that it was there for this very purpose and it’s not taking away from any of your other goals! I’ve personally found this very freeing. So, put your money in buckets, and enjoy spoiling your significant other on Valentine’s Day. Or, if you’re single, like me, go spoil yourself and have fun! You earned it!

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