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School Counseling Internship Information

Internship Overview

The primary focus of the 600-hour, two-semester internship experience is the application and continued development of counseling skills within the K-12 school setting. During the internship experiences, the candidate learns to integrate and synthesize theories and techniques learned in the classroom and apply them in a real work setting. Additionally, candidates develop personal qualities, characteristics, and behaviors of a school counselor, and transition from “trainee” to “professional practitioner.”

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Human Development Across the Lifespan (EDUC 600) and all EDCE courses except School Counseling Internship (EDCE 699); 3.0 GPA; background check clearance; approved Gate 3 application

Sites: One placement in an elementary school setting and one placement in a secondary (middle or high) school setting

Site Supervisors: For each placement, a licensed school counselor employed in a K-12 school who has at least three years of counseling experience and training in counselor supervision.

Hours: 300 hours per 16-week semester, for a cumulative total of 600 internship hours. Each semester must include at least 120 direct service hours such as client assessment, counseling, psycho-educational activities, and client consultation. The remaining 180 hours may include observation, maintaining case notes, consultation with other counselors, etc.

Detailed information on practicum requirements can be found in the School Counseling Program Manual on the Advising Guide. Questions can be emailed to gate3@liberty.edu.

Helpful Information

Application Deadlines
  • Spring Application Deadline: Sept. 1
  • Summer/Fall Application Deadline: Feb. 1
How To Apply for Internship

In order to be registered for EDCE 699, you must submit an application on LiveText.

The instructions to complete the Gate 3 Application on Livetext are as follows:

1. Log into LiveText
2. Click the “LiveText Docs” tab
3. Click on “+New”
4. Choose the “Gate Applications” dropdown list
5. Choose “Graduate Gate 3 School Counseling Internship Application TEMPLATE” from the list
6. Click “Create Document” at the bottom of the screen
7. Title your application with your name
8. Click “OK”

Course Registration

After your application is approved, the Gate 3 office will register you for EDCE 699. You will not be able to register for this course through ASIST.

Internship Application Requirements

  • Updated Degree Completion Plan audit (available through ASIST)
  • Registration receipt for test date at least 6 weeks prior to start date of internship course or official score report for Praxis Professional School Counselor (5421) or state equivalent exam
  • Completed Placement Request Form with options for placement
  • Completed and approved background check
  • Professional liability insurance through ASCA valid through the entire internship semester
  • A negative TB test or screening completed no more than one year prior to the internship semester end date
Course Requirements

Coursework in Blackboard

  • Most of the Blackboard coursework consists of paperwork completed by you, signed by the site supervisor, and submitted by you. The required paperwork can be located on the School Counseling Advising Guide.

Field Experience Module

  • Candidates with external placements (outside Central Virginia) will be responsible to submit a FEM Form in order to have placement details set up in LiveText. Candidates in the local area will have their placements set up on the FEM by the Local Placement Office without the submission of a form.
    • The FEM Form should be submitted in Week One of the course. Without submitting the FEM Form, the supervisor will not be able to access the LiveText placement to complete the required evaluations and you will be unable to complete evaluations and maintain the time log.
  • Evaluations must be completed in the FEM by you and the site supervisor.
  • You will maintain a time log in the FEM, which must be approved by the site supervisor.

Weekly Supervision

  • You will be required to meet with the site supervisor for an average of 1 hour per week for individual or triadic supervision.
  • You will participate in an average of 1.5 hours per week of synchronous group supervision through WebEx with your faculty supervisor/course professor.
  • All practicum and internship students are required to join in group supervision using both audio and video connections through WebEx. Keep in mind, both verbal and nonverbal behavior are being assessed by supervisors; therefore, be sure to connect from a confidential location, wear modest clothing, and practice professional verbal and nonverbal behavior during group supervision.


You will be required to submit your portfolio during each semester of internship. There are specific instructions about sections that you will need to complete in the syllabus for EDCE 699. You will find a template for the portfolio in the Portfolio assignment in LiveText, once the semester begins; however, you may also begin your portfolio by following these steps:

  1. Log into LiveText
  2. Click on the “LiveText Docs” tab in LiveText.
  3. Click on “New”.
  4. Click on the “Portfolios” menu under “VA: Liberty University”.
  5. Click on “School Counseling Portfolio Template”.
  6. At the bottom of the page, click on “Create Document”.
  7. Title your portfolio.
  8. Click “Ok.”

A walk-through video for the portfolio is also available.

Placement Requirements


  • 300 hours during the academic semester, including 120 hours of direct service.
    • Direct hours may include face-to-face assessment, small group or individual counseling, individual student planning, classroom guidance, psycho-educational activities, and consultation.
    • Indirect hours may include observation, record-keeping, administrative duties, curriculum development, and other professional activities.
    • The Internship Plan for Placement must be submitted to Blackboard and approved by the site supervisor within the first week of placement.


Recorded Session

  • During each internship, you will be required to record (audio or video) one complete (at least 20 minutes) session with a student.
    • A signed consent from the student’s parent/guardian is required.
    • The session will be evaluated in LiveText by you, the site supervisor, and the faculty supervisor/course professor.
    • The recording will be posted in a Discussion Board, and you will provide meaningful responses to at least two classmates’ recorded sessions.