Facilities Management Division

Telephone:  (434)592-3500

The Facilities Management Division supports the University's mission through the provision and stewardship of safe, clean, efficient, effective and well-maintained facilities, grounds, and vehicle fleet. We are dedicated to excellence and making a positive difference in the lives of the students, our employees, and our customers throughout the University family.

Each departments responsibilities are described in detail, and are available under Departments on the left side menu.

How may we serve you?

The Work Order Request System is the primary gateway through which our services are requested. It provides an efficient means to communicate your requests and enables the quickest response. 
Most work order requests are completed within 24 hours.



4000 Mayflower Drive

Lynchburg, VA 24501

Management Staff

Charles Spence
Senior Vice President of Campus Facilities 

Charles Spence Email Dave Caswell (434) 592-3503

David Napier
Transportation Manager
David Napier Email George Brooks (434) 592-3247

Dave Caswell
Facilities Manager

Dave Caswell Email Dave Caswell (434) 592-3502

Tracey Norvelle
Director of Grounds
Tracey Norvelle Email Randy Johnson (434) 582-3542

Jerry Childress
Assistant to VP 

Jerry ChildressEmail Dave Caswell (434) 592-3298

Dee Smith
Maintenance Manager

Dee Smith Email Dave Caswell (434) 592-6222