College of General Studies Faculty and Staff


Dr. Mark Tinsley
Dean of College of General Studies

Associate Deans

Dr. Bruce Bell
Associate Dean, Residential


Faculty and Staff

Dr. Yaw Adu-Gyamfi
Department Chair, English
& Professor of English


Dr. Cindy Bunker
Department Chair, Science & Assistant Professor


Prof. Brad Burgess
Department Chair, Cultural Studies & Philosophy
Prof. Jamaica Conner
Department Chair, Developmental & Conversational Language Courses
Dr. Monica Hardin
Department Chair, History & Assistant Professor of History
Prof. Amy Hassenpflug
Department Chair, General Studies & Assistant Professor of General Studies
Prof. Cindi Perry
Department Chair, Math
Prof. Carolyn Towles
Chair, General Education English & Professor of General Education English
Prof. Aaron Traphagen
Assistant Professor, General Education & Assessment Coordinator