Showcase of Faculty & Student Research

Faculty and Student Showcase

The Center for Research & Scholarship (CRS) encourages and supports faculty and student engagement in research activities that advance the academic reputation of the University and assists students with gaining the skills required for achieving success in the career path of their choice. The following faculty and student researchers are just one example of research that is taking place here at Liberty University.

Faculty Showcase

Monique Maloney

School: School of Visual and Performing Arts
Department: Studio & Digital Arts

Research Focus:

My research focus has been branding, creating a visual identity for companies. A visual identity system includes everything from a logo and website to a variety of collateral materials used both internally and externally.


Description of Research experience and how your research mentorship has played a role:

A colleague and I were approached by the Provost's office to help with the branding of the BigSURS competition that will be hosted here this spring. We thought it would be a great project to collaborate with one of our students. Josiah stood out to us because of his passion for branding, his creativity, and his drive to expand his skillset. I was able to help him work through the process we talk about in class through a real-life scenario. We worked together throughout the design process, from initial research to final product. We would meet throughout the process to discuss progress, highs, and lows and would work together to determine next steps and how to implement client feedback.

What is the most exciting and/or rewarding aspect of collaborating with students in a research experience?

I find it to be exciting when the work the student creates is received well by the client. The design process is challenging, especially for a young designer. It is hard to create something that visually communicates the story the client is trying to tell. There is a lot of struggle to get to a victory, so it's exciting to see the student push through the challenges and get to a successful result.

Student Showcase

Josiah Pierce

Josiah Pierce

School: School of Visual and Performing Arts
Department: Studio & Digital Arts
Major: Graphic Design
Mentor: Monique Maloney

Research Project:

Creating a wordmark and printed materials for 2018 BigSURS. This process required an extensive amount of research and communication between myself, Professor Maloney, and the Office of the Provost. It has been an amazing experience to learn real-world principles of design.

How did you get involved in research collaboration with a faculty mentor?

I am a work study graphic designer for the Department of Studio and Digital Arts. I was presented with this idea via the BigSURS Task Force and was approached by Professor Maloney as well. They both felt like I would be a good fit for the task at hand and we moved forward from there. I certainly could not have gotten this far without Professor Maloney.

What impact will this research have on your future academic and professional opportunities?

Through this opportunity, I have learned the value of research and the prominent role that it plays in design. Graphic designers need to be aware of their clients' needs and expectations and this is nearly impossible without the proper research.

What is the most exciting and/or rewarding aspect of your undergraduate research experience?

The most exciting aspect for me has been to see growth in both my time management skills and my ability to research for my design. It is always exciting to see something go from the idea to the product and this project has been no exception.

What advice would you give a student who is considering getting involved in undergraduate research?

It is an opportunity that every student should seize. Research is foundational to the progression of our society and culture. It does not matter if you are a designer, or a doctor, everyone needs research and it is a requirement for intellectual growth.

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