Expand Your Skills and Knowledge With General Education Courses

Our College of Applied Studies & Academic Success (CASAS) oversees the general education courses used to fulfill the core classes required for all bachelor’s degrees. The curriculum of these core classes is designed to ensure that all Liberty graduates communicate effectively, think critically, conduct accurate research, and apply a biblical worldview to every area of their lives.

Who We Are School Of General Studies

By studying the humanities, behavioral sciences, mathematics, and natural sciences, you will discover how such areas of study are interrelated and provide foundational knowledge and training that sets you up for success in your future career endeavors.  

College is an experience that stretches and grows you, helping you become a well-rounded person. General education classes provide important opportunities to learn about new fields of study that may contribute to your major in unexpected ways. If you are undecided about which degree program you wish to pursue, general education courses offer the chance to explore different disciplines to discover what you’re passionate about.

General Education Areas of Study

Communication and Information Literacy

Critical Thinking

Civic and Global Engagement

Technological Solutions & Quantitative Reasoning

Social & Scientific Inquiry

Christian Life and Thought

What Can General Education Courses Do For You?

At Liberty, we train our students to be Champions for Christ from their very first class. This means that all of our general education (Gen Ed) courses are taught from a biblical worldview by professors who are dedicated to mentoring you as you begin your college journey. Our professors care about you as an individual, and they are open to speaking with you one-on-one about questions you have from class or about pursuing a degree in their field. Throughout your Gen Ed courses, you will be challenged to expand your skillset and knowledge base as you follow God’s call on your life.

As one of the largest Christian colleges in the nation, we have the resources you need to make the most of your bachelor’s degree – beginning with your first semester. For our freshmen who excel, we provide special support and community through our Honors and Eagle Scholars programs, designed to help you develop your leadership skills and make the most of your academic and professional achievements.

With programs like our Washington Fellowship, you have the opportunity to pursue internships with some of the largest companies and organizations in the world, like Ralph Lauren, the U.S. Congress, Fox News, Broadway, the National Park Service, the American Psychological Association, and the Metropolitan Police Department.

Award-Winning Campus

At Liberty, you’ll find an affordable, high-quality education that equips students like you for the real world. Our commitment to excellence helped us rank among Niche.com’s Top 3 college campuses in America. Earning your degree from a nonprofit university with state-of-the-art resources like ours can help set you apart from your peers.

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Student Testimonials


“I have always known that I wanted to become a teacher. I came to Liberty University with that goal in mind. It was not until I took Biology 102, a general education course at Liberty, that I realized I love science. Therefore, I have decided to pursue a degree in Elementary Education and have added a specialization in science.”

– Leah Fabian, Education student

Leah Fabian

Mason Meyer


“The general education courses have been a good introduction to college and have helped me develop study habits for my major.

They have helped me narrow down what I want to do for my career.”

– Mason Meyer


“It was great to get in the classroom and get a sense for how classes will go. My general education courses have really opened my eyes to all the different things you can do.”

– Jaylen Guy

Jaylen Guy

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